Meet Chasity


Hi there! I’m Chasity.

A communications strategist by trade and digital swaggerist by nature,  I specialize in creating online branding and media plans for small businesses, entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations.

I’m a proud “Millennial On A Mission“,  and I started blogging back in 2011 because I firmly believe that millennials can and will change the world. Through storytelling, I want to help my peers identify and develop ways to intersect their passions with their purpose, all the while learning and accepting life’s lessons along the way. I’ve written for a number of really cool publications and websites such as Teen Vogue, Slant News, The Root, Levo League and Her Agenda  – just to name a few. You can check out more of my work here.

A native of Chicago, I moved to The Nation’s Capitol after graduating from Syracuse University. When I’m not blogging or scrolling through my Twitter timeline, you can find me reading, checking out the newest art exhibit or running through the streets of D.C. with the illest running crew on the planet.

Can’t wait to connect with you! 

9 thoughts on “Meet Chasity

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  2. Generation YRA says:

    Hi Chasity!

    I was recently nominated for the Inspirational Blogger Award. Part of this acceptance is nominating fellow bloggers I find inspiring, and I thought of you. Don’t feel as if you need to pass the nomination on, but I just wanted you to know I love following you here, reading your Millennial on a Mission features, and all the content that you provide!

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