19 Newsletters That Should Slide Into Your Inbox

You know what I love? Newsletters. 

While most people don’t like their inbox cluttered with more mail than it needs, I actually look forward to receiving certain e-newsletters on a daily and weekly basis. I love reading and learning new things, so each newsletter is an opportunity for me to add to my toolbox of knowledge (or ‘stay woke’ as the kids say.)

Not only do the curators of these kick ass newsletters work super, duper hard to pull together this amazing content, but it’s vital information for our every day lives! For those who want to know what’s going on in the world of tech and diversity, to those who are looking to work on their fitness, enhance their sneaker game, or boost their creativity and entrepreneurship, these newsletters will provide the major keys for you to level up.

So in no particular order, peep the 19 (yes, one-nine) e-newsletters that you should to subscribe to ASAPington.

The Plug

  1. The Plug. Launched by Sherrell Dorsey in April, The Plug is a daily curated newsletter that shares the latest in tech and inclusion. Sherrell without a doubt is a mover and shaker within the tech space, and it’s incredibly refreshing to read her take on recent events day after day. Subscribe here.

The Create Daily2. The Create Daily. To all the creators out there, receiving The Create Daily is an absolute must read. From fellowship and job opportunities to upcoming events, The Create Daily is your plug for all things creative. Subscribe here.

Sunday Quiver

3. Sunday Quiver. Arriving every Sunday to my inbox faithfully, the Unmistakable Creative’s newsletter pulls together cool videos, articles and interviews that surrounds a weekly theme. Get Quiver here.


4. Fusion. A fairly new media brand that is geared toward the very diverse millennial generation, Fusion provides a re-cap of top daily news stories. And with reflective intros penned by Darian Symone Harvin, it’s hard not to take a deep dive. Subscribe here.


5. Jessica Lawlor. Known for empowering millennials to ‘get gusty’, Jessica’s bi-weekly newsletter shares her experience as a new CEO (she just started working for herself about six months ago) and how we can all apply a positive mindset to whatever obstacle we’re facing. Subscribe here.

Code With Veni

6. Women In Tech. This monthly newsletter is an inspiring collection of stories and resources for women of color who are kicking ass the tech industry. Curated by all-star coder Veni Kunche, the newsletter is great for those who are really into developing. Subscribe here. 

The Intersection

7. The Intersection.  If you follow me on Twitter, then you know I absolutely adore this newsletter.  Created by public relations savant + petty psychologist Anuli Akanegbu, The Intersection is complete with pop culture references, helpful resources and her insightful take on what’s currently going on in the world. Get you some Saturday morning goodness by subscribing here.


8. Darius Foroux.  I can’t exactly remember how I stumbled across this newsletter, but I’m glad that I did. Darius is a researcher who focuses on productivity, procrastination and achievement – all things he covers in his weekly newsletter. Get you a piece here. 


9. HRDCVR’s HRDlist. Ahh, my favorite Monday morning treat. HRDCVR, which was created by dynamic journalism duo Danyel Smith + Elliott Wilson, issues a weekly newsletter (the most diverse on the planet) that shares relevant stories of our culture in a super dope format. I highly suggest that you subscribe now. 


10. The Seam. Created by journalist Darian Symone Harvin, The Seam is a creative collection of stories of hip-hop, fashion, social justice and community. What makes it unique is that Darian makes sure to highlight issues that we millennials are discussing on a daily basis. Subscribe here. 

marie forleo

11. Marie Forleo. This woman has been my mentor-in-my-head for as long as I can remember. Businesswoman, philanthropist and overall bad-ass Marie Forleo always gives me the good word I need every time I open an email from her.  Just go ‘head and subscribe, I promise it’s worth it.

My Creative Connection

12. My Creative Connection. If you’re not hip to the #blkcreatives community, breh – where have you been?! Social media goddess Melissa Kimble does a fantastic job empowering a strong community of creative thinkers, and I’m so glad to be apart of it. Make sure you get her weekly by subscribing here.


13. Emmelie. With her witty subject lines and the keeping-it-real content to match, personal branding expert Emmelie De La Cruz shares her authentic take on pop culture as it relates to marketing, social media and business. Gone ‘head and get you a dose of Boardroom Betty here.


14. ChicksNKicks Daily. Any sneaker heads in the house? If you’re into the latest fashions for your feet, then you absolutely have to subscribe to this newletter. Curated by chief of sneaker chic Channing Beumer, CNKDaily provides awesome updates and a dose of #Chickspiration to keep you on your game. Subscribe here.


15. GOODWRK. Need to spice up your workout routine? Personal trainer Percell Duggar’s weekly newsletter will not only get you in formation, but it’ll keep you inspired. Subscribe here.


16. New York Times Running. For all of my fellow runners, the New York Times has curated a newsletter just for us! With dope training tips and inspiration, you’ll be getting those miles in sooner rather than later. Subscribe here.


17. Blavity Bulletin. Known as the voice of black millennials, Blavity strives to keep our generation aware of the latest happenings in news and culture – understanding that we have the power to transform the way we see the world. Subscribe here.


18. The Broadsheet. Created by Fortune, this newsletter highlights the latest moves by the most powerful women in various industries. Subscribe here.


19. The Skimm. This is probably the most lit daily newsletter of our time, and if you haven’t already subscribed, you’re already behind. Subscribe here.

What are some of your favorite newsletters? Leave me a comment below or send me a tweet to let me know what needs to be added to the list!

Cheers to the weekend,


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