The 14 Most Memorable Hashtags of 2014

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!

With just seven days left in the year, the number of “Best of 2014” and “2014 Faves” lists will certainly be plenty. But because I’m always connected on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I thought it would fitting to spotlight the most memorable hashtags of this year. It has been debated whether or not the hashtag really makes a difference in the way people react to certain situations, and I think this year alone has proven that to be very true.  Social media continues to evolve, and the power of the hashtag serves as a very crucial medium for us to receive news in a timely fashion.

Without further adieu, here are 14 of this year’s most memorable hashtags.


1. #BlackLivesMatter. Without a doubt, this hashtag alone has not only kept us abreast of the acts of violence against black men in communities nationwide, but it has hyper-magnified the long-standing issue of race in this country. Twitter specifically has allowed thousands of people to come together in some of the nation’s largest cities and peacefully protest as well. As we move into the new year, I’m convinced that this conversation will continue, and hopefully, we will begin to see change take place.

2. #BringOurGirlsBack. Back in May, there was a report that about 200 Nigerian school girls were kidnapped — with Americans finding out two weeks after it had happened. Suddenly, there were celebrities, politicians and other thought leaders with signs on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with “#BringBackOurGirls”. FLOTUS Michelle Obama went so far as to make an entire video segment about it. There still hasn’t been much of an update on the girls whereabouts, but I pray that they are returned safely to their homes.

3. #ALSIceBucketChallenge. What started out as a dare among two friends (that had nothing to do with ALS) turned into a multi-million fundraiser and awareness campaign. Celebrities, athletes, politicians, and businessmen alike joined in the fun, and poured ice cold buckets of water over their heads to bring awareness to the progressive neurodegenerative disease. To date, the ALS Association has raised $220 million worldwide. 


4. #Ask4More. In honor of National Equal Pay Day back in April, Levo League ran a month-long campaign that encouraged millennial women to advocate for themselves when it comes to salary negotiation. Personally, I benefited greatly from this campaign, and felt extremely empowered to ask for what I felt I deserved for the work that I do as a young professional.

5. #TGIT. If you’re a Scandal fan, then you already know that Thursday evenings on ABC are already a sacred experience. But this fall, Thursdays became a Shondaland marathon. Three hours of well-written, cliff-hanging drama featuring Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and the newest Shonda Rhimes creation, How To Get Away With Murder. Listen, January 29th CANNOT come quick enough — I need my TGIT!

6. #WhoRunTheWorld. In honor of Women’s History Month, I thought it would be pretty cool to spotlight women that are doing some kick-ass things both personally and professionally. Each Wednesday, I held an hour-long Twitter chat that focused on a different topic, and the response was simply phenomenal. Stay tuned for a more robust #WhoRunTheWorld series in 2015!

7. #WigSnatch. Now, look. I know people are ride or die fans for their favorite sports teams. But to call out your own wigsnatch moment though?! I was completely (and hilariously) taken back by Justin Timberlake’s response to a fan’s response to him begin a bandwagon fan of the Memphis Grizzles. Tell them why you’re mad, JT! 😉

8. #POPHoldItDown. What I find the most hilarious about this hashtag, is that is comes from a video that was captured in 2011! Who has time to find these things on YouTube? Someone being arrested is never a laughing matter, but I think what we all found the most hilarious is the accounts that the young woman to plead her innocence as she spoke to the media while being escorted to the cop car. And then to shout-out her mother before the door closed. Pimp squad, baby.

9. #OnFleek. It all started with a young lady admiring the talent of her esthetician, and BOOM. Everything from eyebrows, to hair, to vocals, to dance moves and clothes automatically were “on fleek.” Yep, and here we are.

10. #Delivert. You know what? I just…couldn’t with this entire video. The way you praise and worship your God for what He’s done for you  is none of my business, but I honestly believe that there is a time and place for everything. This right here though? Yeah, I couldn’t seem to find a spot in the time-space continuum for this one. But bless up young man, be DELIVERT!

11. #OnATuesday. Thanks to ILOVEMAKONNEN and Drake, it officially became cool to party on a Tuesday evening. Not only did the club go up in the beginning of the week, but votes, elevators and other things did as well.

12. #ThatsBAE. In case you missed it, “bae” became a term of endearment this year. And as much as I couldn’t stand it at first, I just accepted that it was much easier to say. For example, if you’re identifying someone or something that is absolutely a delight, you would simply state, “That’s Bae.” We’ll see how long this term will last as we move into the new year, but I think it’s here to stay.

13. #AlexFromTarget. Do you understand that this kid was simply doing his job? Not bothering a soul. Yet, this young girl thought he was attractive (a #ThatsBAE moment, if you will) and shared his photo with the masses. By the time he clocked out from his shift, he had over 300,000 followers on Twitter, and was on every news channel you could think of. While he hopes that this 15-minutes of fame will soon bring him a coin or two, he’ll still continue to bag groceries

14. #MillennialOnAMission. This is a personal favorite, because 2014 was the year that spotlighting the awesomeness of my millennial peers really began to take flight. I’m so excited to really bring this idea to life in its own online community starting next month. Many thanks to everyone that continues to support the movement, and I can’t wait to share it with you all!


From my family to yours, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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