3 Lessons I’ve Learned From Mentor-In-My-Head Paul Brunson

13 days and counting until 2015, are you getting ready? 

Where do I even begin with this week’s “Mentor In My Head?” Paul C. Brunson, known as the modern-day “Hitch“, has connected over thousands of individuals on dates through live events and social media. Three years ago, he launched his matchmaking and lifestyle coaching agency that has grown from just him to a league of coaches, specialists and consultants nationwide.  And according to Oprah Winfrey, (yes, THE Oprah Winfrey) “he’s much more than a matchmaker, he’s a life coach.” He’s a businessman, author, television host, devoted husband and father who I’ve admired for a long time, as he encourages and empowers people to live their best lives by fully embracing their purpose.

Meet Paul C. Brunson.


Paul is without a doubt in the love business, but his passion for living his best life has truly opened doors for a number of awesome opportunities. From hosting weekly #MentorMonday chats that focus on entrepreneurship, relationships and life, to his Modern Day Matchmaker Wednesday Twitter chats that looks to match three eligible bachelors in real-time, to hosting Black Enterprise’s weekly web series Our WorldPaul continues to expand his reach to not only share his story, but to positively enrich the lives of others. Oh, and did I mention that his life will soon be documented in a movie? Yeah, he’s kind of a big deal.

Here are three lessons that Paul has taught me:

1. Say what you mean, and do as you say. Paul once said, “you aren’t grown until your actions match your words.” Just absorb that word of truth for a second. There is so much power in words (y’all know that) and it truly speaks to your character when you can walk the walk, but not talk the talk. Whether he’s sharing a pearl of wisdom on Twitter, IG or during a segment of his various web series, Paul’s personable and relatable personality is consistent, which is so admirable. I think that it also speaks to his work ethic, and when you’re managing so many awesome projects that he does, you’ve got to stay on point. *Salute*

2. You don’t have to put your dreams on hold As a husband and father, Paul is a great example of how it is possible to do what you love and raise a family. If you follow him on Instagram, it is no secret that his beautiful wife and adorable little boys are the light of his life. Many millennials (myself included) that aren’t married with kids yet often wonder what life would be like have so much more responsibility, but the truth is we can’t think of it as a daunting challenge to take on. But we have to believe that we are in fact worthy of receiving the love that we deserve. From what Paul has shared, there is so much beauty and love that comes with sharing the journey of achieving your dreams with people who love you unconditionally. And I can’t wait to experience that one day.

3. Don’t hold back — and go hard in the paint NOW! This lesson is strongly related to the first, but what’s the purpose of starting something without doing it forcefully, unapologetically and with a sense of urgency? Paul recently said that we can be passive in love — not if we are expecting results. But I think that pearl of wisdom can also relate to the goals we wish to achieve professionally and personally as well. So that awesome business you want to start, or that blog you’ve been meaning to launch? It’s time to do get to it!

Paul, thank you so much for inspiring myself and so many others to pursue the lives that we are destined to live! Your drive, hustle and excitement for living life passionately and purposefully are such an encouragement, and I appreciate the amazing work that you do.

You can follow Paul on Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram, and of course learn more about his coaching and matchmaking agency by visiting his website

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