3 Lessons I’ve Learned From Mentor-In-My-Head Myleik Teele

Happy Thursday, Friends!

If you’re a natural hair diva like myself, then you are very familiar with curlBOX and its amazing founder Myleik Teele. She started curlBOX because she noticed that there was no “sexy” representation of natural hair care products on the market. Her monthly subscription service provides naturalistas quality samples and full-sized products for women with various types of natural hair.

Meet Myleik Teele.


Since her company’s inception, I’ve been inspired by her drive, tenacity, confidence and amazing work ethic. Following her on Instagram and Twitter and listening to her podcast not only allows you to witness those things, but to gain insight into the mind of a young entrepreneur that is constantly growing and evolving. She’s always sharing her latest reads, quotes that inspire her and the importance of showing appreciation to those that have helped you bring your dream to life.

Below are three lessons that Myleik has taught me:

1. Trust the process. Through her ask.fm page, Myleik receives a number of questions that relate to her life both personally and professionally. A recent question that resonated with me the most was from a 25-year-old woman who felt as though she didn’t have it all together, and asked Myleik what advice she would give her. And of course, Myleik’s response was perfect:

“That you’re EXACTLY where you’re supposed to be. 25 is still in the infant stages of life. You have so much time. I’m 10 years older than you and at 25 I didn’t have a “career” and certainly didn’t have it “together” in any sense of the word. Keep living and experiencing. You’re doing just fine!”

2. Never Stop Learning. As I mentioned before, Myleik is a complete bookworm and I love it! She’s always sure to share excerpts from the books and magazines that she’s reading about business and personal growth. She’s always on this very authentic journey to improve the person that she is, and she aware that mistakes will be made along the way. She also has this pretty rad podcast #MyTaughtYou in which she shares her life lessons and addresses current events. She truly picks up from all of her surroundings, and it has taught me to be more in-tune with the world around me, and what I can do with my voice to respond.

3. Take care of yourself, and you’ll be able to take care of others. As if running a million-dollar company and working on her personal brand aren’t enough, Myleik is always certain to take time to treat herself. Whether it is with a daily work out, buying beautiful flowers, cooking a healthy meal or taking a hike on a trail, she shares with her followers essential measures to takes so that you can be wholly and fully successful. And she also imparts that with taking care of herself, she is also to care for and appreciate those around her.

Myleik, thank you so much for sharing your business savvy, dedication to your growth as an individual and confidence with us all. Your brave spirit, inward and outward beauty, and openness continue to inspire and encourage me to be a better person daily.

You can follow Myleik on Twitter and Instagram, and of course, learn more about curlBOX by visiting their website

3 thoughts on “3 Lessons I’ve Learned From Mentor-In-My-Head Myleik Teele

  1. cocowednesdays says:

    I love Myleik! She is such an inspiration and a excellent web-mentor. There are so many times I’ve felt bad about my place in life, and all it takes is a quick listen to one of her pod-casts or a scroll through her Instagram, then I’m back on track.

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