#TechTuesday: Meet tsu.

unnamedHappy #TechTuesday!

Okay, I know that we all have a handful of social media networks that we’re a part of, but I’d like to introduce you to one more that’s pretty darn cool. tsu.co (pronounced “soo”) is an invite-only social media platform that allows users to share their own content and build their following in order to make revenue. Yes you read correctly, you can make money by inviting people to join the network and sharing awesome things.

Per an article on ZDnet:

“Tsu has positioned itself as a socially responsive social network. It distributes 90 percent of its royalties gained through ad revenue to its content creators and their networks. It also encourages users to donate their royalties to charities by using the “Transfer Funds” button on each user’s wall.”

So for example, say you’re a blogger and you share your blog posts on your tsu page. The more posts you share, the better chances you have to accumulate ad revenue, thus getting more royalties for your account. (Dolla dolla bills, y’all.) And then on top of that, you have the opportunity to do good and donate your earnings to a charity of your choice — because we all know that millennials love to give back 🙂

Nowadays, having multiple streams of income is totally what the cool kids are doing. So why not try and make a little change doing something that you’re already good at? Before I conclude, I must shout-out my homie Michell for putting me on to this new community. For me, it’s not about the dollars and cents (while that will be nice to get those) but really experiencing a new way to connect with people, and build communities for the common good.


Are you interested in trying tsu? Hit me up on Twitter and I’ll slide in your DMs that special invite code so that you can get started. And once you do, don’t forget to friend me!




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