4 Reasons Why Beyonce Won Friday Night (#IKnowYouCare)

I left work at 5:40 pm yesterday will every intention of coming home for an evening of Netflix, wine, take-out and my cozy pajamas.

That is, until Beyoncé decided to intervene and drop her newest single “7/11” on the entire Internet.

The momentum started slow, with Beyoncé simply uploading a clip of the video on her Instagram account, and before I knew it, dozens of people on my Facebook and Twitter timelines were sharing, quoting and commenting on the song and video. While I’m still not exactly sure what the song is talking about, I do know that it has the potential to be the ‘ratchet’ anthem we need to take us out of 2014 in style.

It’s been swirling around the Internet that Beyoncé was going to drop an entirely new album in the similar fashion of last December’s self-titled multi-platinum masterpiece, but in fact, it’s just a new edition with 2 new songs, a couple of live performances and a calendar. (And people are still going to spend their coin on it.)

At any rate, here are four reasons why I think Beyoncé won a typical Friday night with her latest video:

1. She kept it simple. Donned in a number of sweatshirts and spray-painted briefs, Beyoncé and her dancers utilized her hotel bathroom, hallway and balcony to make one of the most popular videos of the year (I’m just going to call it now.) No elaborate costumes, no flashy lights or extreme sets — just her iPhone 6, a couple eight counts of fun choreography, some red solo cups and a wild imagination. On the low, she did super-flex on us and how cool it would be just to run wild in a hotel suite. Well played Bey, well played.

2. She met her audience where they are. Many of the people I follow on social media were either on their way out for the evening, or chilling at home in the bed scrolling through their Instagram feeds. Beyoncé and her team knew that this would be the PERFECT time to drop a new single to get the people talking. The song is catchy, gets you excited to hang out with friends, and easily to access via her website. Which brings me to my next point…

3. She used the technology that was at her disposal. You guys, Beyoncé shot this video with her iPhone 6, a GoPro stick, edited it with Final Cut Pro and was like, “Hey, here y’all go.” And on top of that, used props that anyone could find at their local Walgreens or CVS. And then once it was done, she uploaded it to her YouTube channel, Facebook and Twitter and went about her business. This just goes to show that nowadays, it doesn’t take a HUGE budget to make something of quality.

4. She’s normal and likes to have fun. How many of us have danced around the house in our underwear with not a care in the world? YES. ALL OF US. Beyoncé showed us her playful side, and even threw in a little garland and tinsel to put us in the holiday spirit. And the truth of the matter is, everyone makes videos with their smartphones and shares them with the masses all of the time. Beyoncé hasn’t reinvented the wheel, she’s just spinning on it in a different way…with her hands up.

Whether you like it or not, Beyoncé continues to show us why she’s a trailblazer in the industry, as well as a savvy business woman. And while you may not care that the Beyoncé effect is still very much alive and well, she just may give you a call and tell you otherwise…


tumblr_nff1ejuP511rexfvqo2_r1_500Enjoy your weekend!



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