Millennial on a Mission: Courtney Yeh

Happy November, Millennials!

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing today’s Millennial on a Mission since college, and it has truly been amazing to watch her creativity evolve. Trained in dance since childhood, she has always loved expressing herself artistically. She has expanded her love for the arts  to explore photography, fashion and graphic design.

Ladies and gents, meet Courtney Yeh.


Born and raised in Hong Kong, Courtney went to Syracuse University for college and graduated with a major in Communications and minors in Marketing and Dance. After college, she decided to move out to Los Angeles, California having only visited the city for just a week! Currently, she works  for Sony Pictures by day, and as a publisher for her lifestyle blog, Hey Yeh, by night and weekends.

CC: What inspired you to start “Hey Yeh”? 

CY: I started a blog in college to keep an electronic journal mostly for myself but also to share my experiences with my family since we lived so far from each other. They’re in Hong Kong and I was in Syracuse. I posted maybe once a month about cool things I found online, events I went to, new music. My friends started to comment on how much they loved my photos and articles and they encouraged me to post more often. About a year ago, I decided to revamp the blog, turn it into a Yeh sisters blog to keep all of us continually communicating from across the world and sharing our passions and inspirations. Slowly it kind of just took a life of its own! And since my day job is not creative at all, my blog is my creative outlet!



CC: What have been some challenges in launching your blog with your sisters, and what have you learned from them? 

CY: The biggest challenge we face is finding time to publish an article together. Trisha (my eldest sister) has 2 kids, and Erin (my second sister) is in the midst of planning her wedding and designing her new apartment. With full time jobs and the 16 hour time difference, it’s really hard to stay on a set schedule. I write most of the articles but my sisters will chime in here and there.

We always have our “Life Lately” posts where each of us will update our readers on what we’ve all been up to. After December, things should start calming down again and we’ll be able to work together more often.

Of the many social networks to choose from, Courtney claims that she loves Instagram, and she’s always finding new creative photographers, designers and companies to follow. “I also use Pinterest to find my inspiration, and to collaborate with other artists to create mood boards,” she says. “It’s so great!” In terms of photography, Courtney always edits her photos using Adobe software, and toggles between VSCOcam, Snapseed and Afterlight before 2-3 processing her Instagram photos.

CC: How intricate was the process for you to decide how you would ultimately turn this blog into your personal brand? 

CY: Well, it all happened pretty naturally! The three of us sisters are very close and have very similar tastes. We inspire each other and work well together because our strengths lie in different things. We relaunched the blog to make it look more clean, professional and easy for readers to engage with. About a few months after, we were getting a lot of compliments on how much people liked our blog and slowly, people started identifying us with Hey Yeh. It was always the first thing people would talk to me about when they saw me. “Hey haven’t seen you in a long time! BTW I love your blog!” haha. Slowly, it kind of became my second full time job, and I love it!

CC: Finally, what’s next for “Hey Yeh”?

CY: Well, we’re currently taking a break for my sister’s wedding and we are all very very busy prepping for it! I am currently working on a small blog renovation, and will include a new page for a Yeh sisters curated shop – where you can find clothing, stationery, jewelry, etc that we’ve handpicked! We often get asked where to find certain clothing items, cute thank you cards, affordable bags, and so this will be a great space for people to check out if they’re ever in need of a gift, or just want to shop our style!

We’re also partnering with other bloggers from different cities on some fun stuff that I can’t talk too much about right now! We’re also talking to a few clothing companies on some small projects and hopefully we’ll have some really exciting stuff to share in 2015!

To Courtney, being a “Millennial on a Mission” means living each day with positivity and ambition. “We are all on a mission to find our purpose in life, to make a contribution to our society and to be inspirational and empowering to others in our very own way,” she says. “I try to impact others through my blog, my work, through simple daily interactions and with a big smile on my face.” To her peers that are interested in starting their own businesses and creative ventures, Courtney offers two words: start now.

“There is no better time than now. BUT start with a full time job and do your passion on the side,” she suggests. “Find a job that you’re not going to kill yourself over – a job where you can go home and still have the energy to fulfill your passions. Once you feel like you’re ready, and have enough to hold you over for awhile, then turn your passion into your full time!”

To learn more about Courtney and her sisters, visit their blog, Hey Yeh and follow them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

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