Adhere To Your Calling.



1. stick fast to (a surface or substance)
2. believe in and follow the practices of
3. represent truthfully and in detail.



It’s a skill that we practice every day. Whether we’re jamming to our favorite tunes on Spotify, or chatting it up with our friends on the phone, listening takes precision and patience that we must give ourselves the opportunity to perfect.

But what about listening to the world around you? You know, the taking heed to life’s teachable moments that actually can point you in the right direction of your passion and purpose? Two weeks ago, I wrote a blog post on the importance of “shifting your focus.” At that particular time, I was faced with making a few major decisions that required me to really silence some of the usual noise that was in my midst, and really focus on doing what was best for me. It was rather physically and emotionally draining, but I’m grateful to my family and close, close friends for praying for and with me to make the most sound decision.

Not gonna front — it is gutsy to follow your heart. While your family, friends and mentors all want the best for you (and you don’t want to disappoint them,) sometimes you have to take that risk on yourself and know that your next move will in fact be your best move.

But last night, in the midst of correspondence with someone about how I could help them build their dream, I experienced the realest ‘a-ha‘ moment ever, and it reignited my fire to get back on track to accomplishing my goals.

Don’t get me wrong — it’s never a bad thing to help someone make their dreams come true. In fact, you shouldn’t take it lightly when someone entrusts you with their dreams and visions. But the moment you feel that your dreams are getting out of reach, that tiny voice will project itself so boldly that you’ll have no choice but to listen to it. Call it self-awareness, following your gut, butterflies in your stomach, whatever — the point is that it should not and cannot be ignored.

But I’m sure you’re probably wondering: how exactly do I define my purpose, and thus adhere to my calling? 

It’s not always easy, but there are signs everywhere that can help you move in that direction. Personally, I don’t have all of the answers — but I know that each day, I’m learning more about what I’m good at, how I feel about certain issues, and what things I need to do in order to be the change I wish to see. Sounds like a bunch of cliches, but it’s the God honest truth. We’re all called to do something special — and while that answer won’t come overnight, the more positive steps we take, the more clearer that picture will become.

I know that everyone may not share my similar spiritual beliefs, but I firmly believe that my steps are ordered. The people, situations and things that are in my life currently all have a purpose. Yes, I am solely responsible for my thoughts and actions, but I know for a fact that there is a Higher Being that has already masterfully orchestrated my life. With all that being said, it’s critical to keep your ears open to that voice within at all times. Not everyone is going to agree with your methodology, but don’t ever be afraid to take that leap of faith to really discover who you’re truly meant to be.



One thought on “Adhere To Your Calling.

  1. cocowednesdays says:

    You’re definitely right, thank you for this! It has taken me many years to accept my calling. I thought that I was lost and didn’t know what I wanted to do and at 28 yrs old, it clicked and I started to follow through. It was less about finding it, and more about trusting that it was the right thing for me. I can’t worry about what others think or even how it’s going to work, I just know that this is it and I have to ADHERE to it, follow the path that gets laid before me each day. With every step I take and every sign I acknowledge, another door opens up.

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