Shift Your Focus.


It’s something that we all try desperately to achieve daily. With so many tabs, windows, notifications and messages, it can sometimes be a little tough to concentrate on our tasks at hand.

But I’m not here to talk about the many distractions of the Internet, but rather those of life that can veer us off course if we aren’t careful. I’ve always been the girl that’s been super involved in EVERYTHING for as long as I can remember, but lately there have been times when I have had to advocate for myself and simply say “no.” In a world where we’re supposed to always say “yes,” I’ve found that agreeing to too many things can ultimately drown out your ability to hone in on those skills that will really fuel your passion.

Enter “shifting my focus.” This month in particular, I’ve challenged myself to really minimize certain distractions, and focus on certain tasks and goals that I’ve set for myself. It hasn’t been easy (I tend to have a short attention span sometimes) but I know that the seeds I’m sowing right now will reap an incredible harvest in the months ahead. In shifting my focus, there has come a number of different opportunities to take great risk. And I won’t front โ€” taking leaps, hops, or jumps into new things have always been daunting for me. But I’m at a point in my life where I’ve had to ask myself, “What on Earth do I have to lose?” People aren’t always going to agree with your methods, but hey! This is YOUR LIFE. You’ve got the audacity to be stubborn about your goals.

We weren’t called to be small-minded, fearful people. We were called to be deep thinkers, big dreamers, do gooders and creators of dopeness. Sometimes it takes stepping out of your comfort zone to truly discover who you are and what you’re capable of. If that means taking a break from normal activity, or changing the way you typically do things, then so be it!

Today, really take a step back and ask yourself, “How must I shift my focus in order to get to where I need to be?” Are you wanting to start that business, but are worried about money being an issue? Take the risk and re-route your thinking to how you can crowd-fund to get your idea off the ground. Up for promotion at work, but aren’t completely sure if it’s the right move for you to take? Consider the personal and professional goals that you’ve set for yourself and see if it will ultimately put you in the position to achieve them.

Once we free our minds of all worry and stress, the rest will most certainly follow. But we must be willing to take a chance on ourselves, change the course of our thinking and not succumb to mediocrity.

Here’s to being greater today than yesterday,


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