#TechTuesday: Meet WEST (Women Entering and Staying In Tech)

Happy Tuesday!

Okay, so last week Facebook, Pinterest (my FAVE) and Box announced a collaborative initiative called WEST that will specifically mentor young women in the tech industry. How awesome is that?

Launching in 2015, “Women Entering and Staying In Tech” will be a mentoring program comprised of online and offline interaction for young women in engineering, design, operations, product and web development. With the recent numbers coming out of Silicon Valley showing the lack of gender and racial diversity at technology giants like Google, Yahoo! and Apple, these three social networks have teamed up to invest in tomorrow’s leaders in technology.

According to their website, “women in technical roles from Facebook, Box, and Pinterest will serve as 1:1 mentors to a class of women in the early to middle-stages of their careers.” Young women living in the Bay Area (they hope to expand to other geographical locations) must apply in order to participate in the program. I don’t know about you, but I would absolutely love it to learn first hand from women at any of these major technology companies. And while there are tons of organizations nationwide focused on enhancing and enriching the lives of young women in the tech space, it definitely says a lot that these three giants recognize the importance of women leading in this field.

Women make tech better,” reads the WEST website. “It is our hope that this program will help more women enter and flourish in these increasingly important and necessary technical roles.”

Ladies, if you live in the Bay Area and want to be take part in this awesome opportunity, sign up here!

(h/t Tampa Bay Business Journal) 

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