#TechTuesday: Meet Checky The App


We’re all guilty of it: checking out smartphones multiple times during the day just to see if we’ve gotten another text or like on an Instagram photo. But have you ever wondered how many times you do that a day?

Well, there’s an app for that. The Checky App keeps track of how many times you check your iPhone or Android over the course of the day. Once you download it, you must keep it open (in the background) so that it’s able to monitor your touch. This can even be as simple as clicking your home button to view the time β€” Checky doesn’t miss a beat!

In an interview with TechCrunch, founder of the Checky App Alex Tew says that he has checked his phone as many as 100 times a day.

In my opinion, the true purpose of Checky is to make we smartphone users more aware of our dependence on these objects, and how we can learn to control our need to always “be connected.” While yesterday I only checked my phone 43 times (I downloaded it mid-afternoon), knowing that anΒ electronic tally was being taken of my activity made me more mindful of how many times I picked up my phone β€” even it was to check the time.

Are you going to download Checky? Let me know and we can become accountability partners! πŸ˜‰


(h/t TechCrunch)

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