Person of Interest: Chasity Cooper

Super grateful to be featured as a ‘Person of Interest’ this week — thanks Urban Scrawl DC!

Urban Scrawl


For many Washingtonians, social media is a communications hobby, but for Chasity Cooper, it’s a profession and lifestyle. When she isn’t developing communications strategies for her nonprofit clients, Chasity works with entrepreneurs, small businesses, nonprofits and creatives to help them get noticed and stay relevant on the fast-paced online platforms. An avid writer, Chasity chronicles her journey as a millennial in the District and we caught up with her to get a glimpse of her life in the city.

What’s a typical day for you?

theskimmTypically, I wake up at around 6 am and just take a moment to get my mind right. Whether that be meditating/prayer, writing or sitting still, I have to pause before my feet touch the floor. Next, I usually scroll through my inbox to see if I’ve missed any important messages from the night before. I try to be out of the door by no…

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