Millennial on a Mission: Greg E. Hill

“It’s Friday, Friday!”

It’s always a treat for me when I’m introduced (either in-person or via email) to my peers that making significant moves to make their dreams come true. Today’s Millennial on a Mission has a very interesting story, but has never let his circumstances hold him back from reaching his goals. He is inspired by many greats from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., John the Baptist and Malcom X, to Will Smith, Drake and JAY Z. While he believes his energy and fearlessness set him apart from his peers, I’ve come to learn that it is his perseverance and passion to empower others that makes him even more unique.

Meet Greg E. Hill.



Raised in Durham, North Carolina, Greg attended North Carolina Agricultural & Technical School where he majored in economics. “My experience in undergrad was unique because had multiple internships with Fortune 500 companies, as well as ran my own business,” Greg said. Recently, he left his corporate job as a financial analyst to become an entrepreneur full –time, and hasn’t looked back. “Currently, I’m finishing my book and traveling along the east coast for speaking engagements, and teaching monthly life skills classes to middle school students.” Greg is also the co-founder of 4 Quarters Basketball Camp, which just wrapped up a successful summer.

On what has inspired him to become a culture change agent:

My personal story is what has truly inspired me to become a change agent. I’ve mentioned a lot of awesome things that happened during my college experience, but it took me seven years to graduate with my degree. Going into my (first) senior year, I had a 3.5 GPA with a full-time job offer post-graduation. But as I read about change makers like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Will Smith who didn’t complete college, I figured I already had enough momentum to start my own ventures so I dropped out. In the midst of taking four years to complete five classes, I also had a harrowing experience with depression as my business took a plunge from bad decision I made. But in the end, it made my story better and challenged me to use my talents strictly for uplifting others.

Greg also believes that it is the responsibility of the millennial generation to invest in the youth that are coming behind them. “I’ve found that a lot of young people lack exposure to different careers, role models and careers,” he said. “And regardless of your circumstances or where you come from, that shouldn’t be an excuse.” With his leadership academy for middle school students, Greg believes that he is doing his part to connect the dots for young people, and expose them to new opportunities in a creative way.



On helping others realize their potential, and how that’s helped him become a better entrepreneur:

When working with youth or even my peers, I always encourage them to practice these three strategies to best tap into their potential:

1. Take 15-30 minutes just to sit in silence and think. (preferably in the morning) Our generation is so controlled by technology and busy work schedules that we never make time just to be with our own thoughts

2. Write down your goals. (keyword WRITE) Writing down your goals increase your likelihood of reaching them astronomically. Then, when you create an action plan and incorporate it into your every day schedule, you’re more than half way there

3. Broadcast your dreams to the world. Nobody can join you on your mission or journey if they don’t know how they can help. Be vocal and transparent.

Being an entrepreneur has taught me many lessons, but by far the most important have been transparency, vulnerability and energy. Transparency with your ideas, passion and vision has allowed more people to have a helping hand more than I could have ever imagined. Vulnerability while speaking has allowed me to reach new heights because not only do I share my personal stories of success, but I also share my setbacks and weaknesses which allows me to connect with my audience. I’ve learned that people will always gravitate to good energy, so I make sure to maintain a healthy diet, get lots of rest and exercise often (he wakes up at 4:30 AM to run 5 miles EVERY DAY.) I will always bring energy because that’s the one thing I believe I’m able to control.

To Greg, being a Millennial on a Mission means to be young, energetic and willing to give your all for what you believe in. ‘A lot of people in our society say they are on a mission, but it may be that they’re just going with the ebb and flow of life – which is fine,” he said. “But I honestly believe that we must be will to dig deep to expose our passions, and do whatever it takes to expose them and bring them to life.” Greg motivates himself daily because as a leader, he knows that there will never be someone that doesn’t need help or a boost of positivity. He offers this mantra for aspiring millennial entrepreneurs: “Fortune always favors the bold, so take the risk. Invest in yourself. Start where you are at, and remember you’re a genius!”

To learn more about Greg, you can visit his website at

One thought on “Millennial on a Mission: Greg E. Hill

  1. Dearis Douglas says:

    I am new to your website but I just read the piece on Greg Hill. i wanted to say How great it was and very inspiring. Look forward to reading more about the Millennials. One day, I have will have an opportunity to share my story

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