5 Lessons I’ve Learned From Mentor-In-My-Head Marshawn Evans

Happy Thursday!

I’m very blessed to have amazing mentors in my life that have provided me with great guidance, advice and unconditional support. But as I continue to grow personally and professionally, I remain aware of those individuals who have characteristics that I aspire to attain in the near future. I like to refer to these people as “mentors-in-my-head“.

Similar to a best friend-in-your-head, a mentor-in-my-head is someone that has reached amazing heights in their career, and is encouraging others to do the same. Whether it is through politics, entertainment or business, these  women (and men) continue to empower me from afar.

I’d like for you to meet Marshawn Evans.


Attorney, award-winning author, entrepreneur and motivational speaker — Marshawn truly does it all, and in such an inspirational way. I’ve been following her on Twitter for the past few years, and have been in awe of how she has continues to build her business in faith, and share ways in which others can do the same. Through her daily emails, encouraging tweets and Facebook posts, I’ve learned a number of great lessons from Marshawn — but here are five that have stood out to me the most:

1. Have #Godfidence! #Godfidence is simply having confidence in God, and what He can and will do in your life! I love that Marshawn has branded this particular term, and continues to inspire thousands of her followers to live by faith and walk in their purpose.


2. Be Grateful.  As some of you have seen, I’m in the midst of my own 30-day gratitude challenge, and Marshawn recent posted a Facebook status that confirmed my belief that gratitude is truly everything. She consistently reiterates that having a heart of thanks will open doors to many blessings.

3. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone. Marshawn always challenges and encourages those that follow her on Twitter and Facebook to be bold, limitless and fearless. What I love most about Marshawn is that she’s completely honest and transparent about her story, and encourages others to do the same — regardless of any minor setbacks we may have experienced.

4. Be The Dreams That You Can See.  With Godfidence, Marshawn believes that we all have the capability to become any and everything we have envisioned for ourselves. I’ve always believed that any dreams we have, God places on our hearts and minds with purpose. We just have to be courageous, determined and strategic in pursuing them.

5. Get Ready. Be Ready. Stay Ready.  This goes with out saying — opportunities (both professionally and personally)?will come in our lives that will certain test our faith and exercise out endurance. While this was only a tweet Marshawn sent out a few days ago, it is a constant reminder for me to always be on my A-game. We all may grow tired, and even become discouraged — but we must be willing and ready to accept whatever life brings our way.

On Sunday, Marshawn is hosting a FREE webinar called “The Power of Masterminding” which you can sign-up for here. I’m excited to learn how I can think differently in growing both personally and professionally.

To Marshawn, thank you for your constant encouragement, business savvy, style and grace. Your talent, faith and work ethic continues to inspire me, and I hope one day I’ll be able to hear you speak so dynamically in person! You can follow Marshawn on Twitter: @marshawnevans.

Have a great day everyone,


5 thoughts on “5 Lessons I’ve Learned From Mentor-In-My-Head Marshawn Evans

  1. cassandranvincent says:

    Marshawn is pretty amazing! I love her in person talks and her high leveled sensitivity to her spirituality as well as her beast mode business acumen. Had the pleasure of attending one of her conferences this year! I love your reads Chasity, refreshing and highly informative. Continue the great work!

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