The 30 Day Gratitude Challenge


Happy Friday!

Today begins my 30 day gratitude challenge, and I  must say that I’m very excited to start this journey for sharing what I am most grateful. Now some of you are probably wondering: “Chasity, why a ‘gratitude’ challenge, and why now?‘ Well friend, there’s never a wrong time to express being thankful. Secondly, it’s so easy to get caught up the the hustle and bustle of busy work schedules and maintaining a reasonable social life (both online and off.) I want to use these next thirty days as an opportunity to take time in my day just to pause, reflect and be in the moment.

To begin, I am grateful for growth. Six months ago today, I turned 25 (happy half birthday to me!) and needless to say so much in my life has changed since that beautiful January 18th day. When I found myself in sticky situations, I didn’t panic — but just trusted that God was going to bring me out in a bigger and better way. Not only have I experience growth personally, but professionally as well. In March, I started a new job that has since challenged me to think more strategically and creatively. I’ve got great co-workers and wonderful support from upper-level management. I’m also grateful for the growth of my blog community and all of the support that I’ve received thus far from family and friends, old and new. I’ve pushed myself to create new content and even share new thoughts and ideas with others. And while I may have lost a few friends, I’ve become closer with the ones I’ve been blessed to call my family. I’m learning that sometimes it takes life’s most uncomfortable situations to expose how great you really can be. I’m so inspired by the people and things around me, and I want it to be my goal to inspire others to find the greatness within themselves.


What are you grateful for today? Leave a comment below, or send me a tweet using the hashtag #GratitudeIsEverything.


Have a wonderful weekend!


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