Guest Post: Two Friends, One Shared Passion



All stories have a beginning, as does our ours. We met in high school and let’s just say we didn’t care much for one another. Luckily the seasons changed, and we became friends later in college. We both ended up graduating from the University of North Texas with our undergraduate degrees. Kellee went on to get her Masters in Public Administration and is currently working in the nonprofit sector. Tori received her bachelors in Social Work and then a Masters in the Art of Teaching. You can find us both connecting women to women, women to brands, and brands to brands in our work with Black Girls Social. Enough background knowledge, we want to talk about our goals of empowering women and making them known! Our vision of Black Girls Social is to serve as a network, a place for minority women to connect. To not just come and talk to women they knew prior to walking in the door but to talk to everyone in the room with a sense of purpose. The purpose being to help one another and to listen to each other wholeheartedly; encouraging the next woman’s journey. The core of our vision is to build authentic relationships among women that reflect one of our favorite sayings “We are each others greatest resource!”. The response from our hometown of Dallas, Texas has been amazingly positive! Women are really diving into what networking and being a resource to another woman is all about. That’s the heart of our work, encouraging women to live within their purpose, because that is where true joy comes from. We also know being transparent about our own hurdles is necessary. BGS Co-Founder, Tori went through a period of self doubt and allowed it to stop her from doing anything within Black Girls Social. She had literally given up and went about life as if the company did not exist. We have to tell the good, the bad, and the ugly because we know true greatness often requires a little and sometimes a lot of each. In reflecting on what we have accomplished and the laundry list of things we need to do, we always go back to our mission of connecting women. Each and every woman we come in contact with is of importance, we are at her service and we are passionate about it. In thinking about all of the good advice we could give entrepreneurs looking to start their own business, our best would be to build authentic relationships and find time to be inspired. It will not be an easy journey but keep moving forward.


DSC_0193 (1)


Black Girls Social is a networking company supporting women of color to be who we are, unapologetically free to dream, create, explore the unknown and pursue all possibilities on our terms. Learn more at their website: 

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