#TechTuesday: How To Perform A Social Media Audit For Your Personal Brand



Happy Tuesday, folks!

For those of you that don’t know, my 9-to-5 just to stay alive consists of monitoring social and traditional media for a major nonprofit organization. In the midst of media monitoring, I also create and execute strategy for each of their social media assets to ensure they are receiving the most visibility in their areas of interest. Additionally, I take stock of the type of content that has been created, and what others have said about this particular brand.

Last week, I encountered a very interesting photo of myself from college on Instagram. While it was in celebration of #ThrowbackThursday, the photo was less than flattering and really didn’t reflect well on my brand personally. Sure, we all have those (un)forgettable moments in college that someone JUST SO HAPPENED to be paparazzi, but now that we’ve moved on from our college days, it’s time to clean up shop.

What’s a social media audit, you ask? Think of it as spring cleaning for your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and other social media accounts. Whether it’s going on an unfollowing/unfriending spree, deleting old posts and tweets,  or just organizing your list of friends, taking stock of your personal brand will ultimately enhance your online presence.

Now, if you don’t care to understand the importance of your Klout score or your Google rankings, that’s completely fine. I don’t expect for everyone to be  caught up in #SocialMediaNerdom like myself. However, because our voices online are weighted so heavily now days when it comes to finding jobs and pursuing other opportunities, it’s important to always look our best. Here are a few ways you an conduct your own social media audit.


1. Google yourself! It takes just two seconds to type your name into the Google search engine and for results to appear. Common things that you should see in search results would be your personal website (if you have one); your LinkedIn profile, Twitter account and perhaps any articles that you’ve published online. You should also see photos of yourself (some may be of others with your name) but for the most part, this Google search should be an adequate representation of your activity online.

2. Un-tag delete photos on Facebook and Instagram. As I said above, a college classmate of mine had put up a photo from a few years back that I had totally forgotten about. While her intentions may have been to take a walk back down memory lane, I had to kindly ask her to remove it from Instagram because it wasn’t the most flattering for any of the individuals photographed. Instead of waiting for someone to put up a terrible #TBT photo, take the time to go through ALL of your photos on Facebook, Twitter and any other photo sites and simply untag yourself. And trust me, there is no harm in sending a quick message to a friend to have them do the same if you don’t have access to the photo. 🙂


3. Make sure you’re IN SYNC. I truly believe in synchronicity. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post regarding online branding, it’s so important to make it easy for others to find you online. That means, making sure that the URLs for your Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn accounts are the same, as well as your handles for Twitter and Instagram. It really does make a difference, and will provide more weight to your name in search engines.

4. Create a Google+ Account. I know, I know. Most people underestimate Google+, and probably don’t even understand it. But believe me when I say it is one of the coolest social networks around. Having a Google+ account allows for you to establish authorship for any website that you may write for often, expose you to a new online community and again, enhance the way your name is searched on Google. There so many cool features to Google+ like Hangouts, circles, and much much more. Be sure to add me once you’ve created your account!


And there you have it! Do you have other methods of cleaning up your social media accounts? Comment below or send me a tweet and I’ll be sure to share it out!



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