Millennial on Mission: Stephanie Voong

Happy Friday!

Today’s ‘Millennial on a Mission’ is a young, savvy businesswoman after my own heart. She shares my same love for all things Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and is passionate about educating individuals about how to enhance their online brands. She discovered the #SocialMediaQueen in her during undergraduate career, and used social media to help promote club events, trips, and businesses. After working in the corporate sector 14 months post graduation, she quit her 9 to 5 and decided to be a full-time social media strategist to small businesses.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Stephanie Voong.

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Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Stephanie graduated from Syracuse University with a dual degree in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. Currently, she is the CEO of SV Consulting, a social media marketing company based in New York City. “I applied to “social media jobs” after graduating but wasn’t hired,” she recalls. “So when I moved to NYC, I attended numerous entrepreneurial networking events and found that business owners needed help with social media. It was perfect!” With her love for social media, the brand of #SocialMediaQueen caught people’s attention, and she immediately launched her own social media marketing business.

On how millennials can leverage their brands effectively:

I think millennials should have a strong personal brand across all of their social media profiles. This is important for both professional and personal relationships. Social media can be used for careers and also to showcase their expertise and interests. Social media success can be defined when you have a professional yet personal brand on social media. Millennials need to understand that social media is like your online resume and can absolutely help you with your professional and personal relationships.



Stephanie believes that the key to social media success is being consistent. “With social media, it’s all about developing a personal relationship with your audience, sharing valuable content and engaging with your followers,” she says. “Create daily themes to post about and share content that will capture your followers’ interests.

On why she works specifically with small businesses:

I decided to work specifically with small businesses because it’s easier to capture their voice, plus it’s more fun! I understand that corporations can maximize business using social media but from my experience, there are just too many procedures to go through before getting the “ok” to post something on social media. Social media is most effective when it is capturing live moments and I’ve discovered that small business owners are more flexible than big corporations. Plus I just have a preference to work with small businesses. It’s important for small businesses to have strong personal and professional brands for their business.  There is also the 80/20 Rule, which means that 80% of the content should be about the other things happening in your industry, communities, etc. Then 20% of the content should be mainly about your business, your programs, your services, your products, etc.


To Stephanie, being a ‘Millennial on a Mission‘ means to our youth and expertise to our advantage to help others in the world. “To be honest, being an entrepreneur at 23 is not easy,” Stephanie says. “I’ve made a lot of sacrifices in order to build my business. However, because I love what I am doing and I know that I am helping other businesses, this motivates me to keep going.” When she shares her journey, it inspires others to go after their dreams. “Not every day is perfect, but each day I wake up to my own schedule and my “work” excites me!”  Her advice to young entrepreneurs? “Believe in yourself first and then maintain a consistent, personable brand online! Always have fun with social media!” 

To learn more about Stephanie, follow her on Twitter!



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