Millennial on a Mission: Ashley Osborne

Happy Friday!

Can you believe that May is over? We’re practically halfway through 2014! At any rate, every now and then, I like to spotlight those millennials that are still on the collegiate grind, but nevertheless looking to incite change. For me, it’s always refreshing to learn from my peers who are finding ways to leave long lasting impressions on their college campuses. (After all, we paid enough to go there, might as well walk away with a gem or two, amirite?) Today I’d like to introduce you to a young lady who is looking to creatively make her mark on the world of public relations, media and journalism. She is very passionate about making connections with others, as well as helping her peers recognize their strengths and how they build upon their dreams and aspirations.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Ashley Osborne.


Hailing form Middletown, Ohio, Ashley is a rising senior at Ohio University, where she is studying strategic communications and Spanish. She’s been very involved on campus, and last fall co-founded AMplified Communication, a public relations, event planning and creative branding organization that caters to student entrepreneurs and their brands. “Our organization is a group of creative producers (public relations specialists, event planners, multimedia producers, entrepreneurs, writers, etc.) who serve our colleagues, helping to develop their brands,” Ashley says. “We have worked with various musicians, fashion designers, technology, beauty care, as the list continues to grow.” Since its launch, AMplified Communication has held two successful events: the #OHIOConnect Networking Mixer and the Dean’s List Tour Concert. Each have given artists, entrepreneurs and musicians the opportunity to share their talents with the OU community.


On what drives her passion for PR, and why she believes millennials should take hold of their personal brands: 

My passion for PR lies in my passion for helping people develop their ideas into a bold existence. I’ve always been a writer and a strong communicator, and I love connecting others and laying foundations for success. I believe that helping people develop their ideas into a brand and relating that brand to a public is one of the missions God has called for me. I’ve decided to start Alluring Opulence because honestly, it’s about time for me to have an online hub for everything I’ve been doing for many years. I want to share the creativity that I admire with an audience and give others the opportunity to learn about the cool things their peers are creating as well. I want to connect like-minds and build a creative community around (under construction) Since I am still in the beginning stages, the process has included lots of writing and communicating with a web developer and graphic designer. I’ve been researching the creative millennials that I want to reach out to first for my website launch as well as content I want to personally release. It’s been fun most of all and I am very excited to launch something that shares with others what I am passionate about. It’s important for millennials to develop and keep a strong brand presence because I have a feeling that in a few years, all creativity will be extremely booming within our generation, from the arts to technology and more. You want to have a strong presence because you want people to think of you and refer to you first. You want your brand to transparently represent the values of you and/or your company.


After she graduates next spring, Ashley hopes to work for a creative PR or branding agency, specifically focusing on entrepreneurs. But returning to school is also an option. “I’ve been heavily thinking about continuing my education to receive my Masters in Business Administration, so that I can launch my own creative agency in the future,” she says. “I plan to take this last year in undergrad one step at a time as I find my next endeavor to embark on.”



Ashley believes that the idea of millennials being ‘lazy’ is a common misconception. “Truth is, things are much different for this generation. The way we communicate is different than before, but you can’t type your life away if you’re never getting out in the world to physically connect with the people you virtually network with.” She also believes that social media  is viewed differently by millennials than by older generations. “I think they see it as a distraction, which it can be, but social media has presented lots of opportunity and connections to me personally and I absolutely love it. I wouldn’t be doing this interview had social media not existed.” 🙂

To Ashley, being a “Millennial on a Mission” means finding your purpose and working day-by-day to fulfill that purpose. “I believe we’re all here to help and support each other’s dreams, and I strive to achieve my dreams everyday by lots of prayer, lots of communicating and lots of brainstorming.”  Someday, she wants to be the creative behind many of the millennial generation’s favorite brands. “You have to stay focused and keep reminding yourself of why you love doing what you’re good at. If you continue to grow, take risks and embrace new experiences, you are on the path to success.”


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