Millennial on a Mission: Duane Myko

Happy Friday!On this installment of “Millennial on a Mission”, I’d like to spotlight a young man that has made it his mission to inspire the next generation of young leaders and game changers. An entrepreneur, He has started the Should Could Dream Tour, a traveling one-man show that inspires and entertains, all the while encouraging school students to pursue their passions. I had the opportunity to speak to this young man over the phone, and I must say that within minutes of our conversation, I could feel his energy and zeal for wanting to challenge today’s youth to do their best.I’d like for you to meet Duane Myko.


Hailing from Prince George’s County, Maryland, Duane Myko is a 2009 graduate of Morgan State University. While there, he studied business administration, pledged Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated, and was very involved in other student groups on campus. He’s always had an interest in business, but it wasn’t until he took a class on entrepreneurship that the idea of working for himself became more of a possibility. “As I was taking the entrepreneurship class, I spoke with a fraternity brother of mine whose dad owns a number of funeral homes throughout PG county,” Duane recalls. “Learning more about how they accomplished their goals in starting from scratch and building up, I was inspired to do the same.”

On what inspired him to begin the Should Could Dream Tour and movement:

“The idea for the Should Could Dream Tour came from when I was working for the FDIC and I grew tired of working for someone else. The money was good, but it was boring money. One morning, I saw kids on the train acting up — and that’s when it clicked. I decided that comedy, acting, and music would be the best way to engage with students. I majored in marketing at MSU, and I knew that I wanted to reach a mass group of people, but where could I do it? HIGH SCHOOL. It was easy to bring all of those kids together. The teen market is pretty big and profitable, and they need it the most. College students think their grown, but they’re not. Connecting with high schools guaranteed the audience; and I’m growing with the audience as well.  Depending on the school, there can be 700+ students in the audience.”



Over the last three years, Duane has visited 400+ high schools and reached 350,000 students. He has found that connecting with teens not only gives him the opportunity to meet them where they are, but also bring in new and exciting brands to do the same. And what better way to do that than to use the power of social media to connect with the newest music network, REVOLT. 
11823c9df862f59e2d3113ad6ca1ce8aOn using the power of the #hashtag to raise awareness:

“It all started when I was sharing their hashtag #REVOLTnation and tweeting @KennyBurns (VP of Marketing for REVOLT) during a presentatation; it only took three shows to get his attention. Started the movement trending on Twitter. Burns managers and my managers got in contact with one another. On Feb. 8th,  the REVOLT bus came to Dr. Henry Wise High school and so it began our partnership. REVOLT is a great connection with the millennial generation. Also, REVOLT is a very young and new company — we can grow with them. They need new content, and Should Could Dream needs national exposure. So there’s a lot of great stuff coming in the fall.”

To Duane, being a ‘Millennial on a Mission means to be focused. “I think our generation is growing up different from our parents: work a 9-5 til 55 years old — we look at that and say that we don’t want to do that,” he says. Duane encourages his peers to not wait on any one to tell you who to become. “Just start. I think that so many times we wait for the perfect situation, we have to take the situation and make it perfect,” Duane exclaims. “Make the mistakes, learn from them. Stay true to yourself. And have tunnel vision. Don’t not be knowledgeable of what’s going on, but always focus on what YOU’RE DOING.” To learn more about Duane and Should Could Dream tour, click here and follow him on Twitter

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