Wisdom Wednesday: Admit When You’re Wrong


It’s never easy to admit when you’re wrong, but I’ve found that there is strength in accepting when you’ve messed up.

Last week, I wrote a ‘Wisdom Wednesday’ post that in my mind was pretty reasonable at the time, but the power of conviction would later inform me otherwise. While I do believe I am free to be as creative as I’d like here on my platform, I’ve learned from last week’s situation that practicing discernment would’ve saved me a lot of time and energy in damage control.

I do my best to be as transparent as possible with my audience because these posts are clearly a side of me that I’ve chosen to share. On the flip side, it is never my intention to use this platform as a means to disrespect, but to inform and show the life lessons that I’m learning in my adulthood.

Regardless of the outcome, I’m still confident that everything happens for a reason. We go through moments of struggle, chaos and even defeat to share our story in hopes to encourage and inspire others.

Whenever I have indeed found myself in the wrong, instead of creating more hype around trying to prove that we are right, I’m learning to just let it go and keep it moving. It isn’t always necessary to have the last word, but to just let a more peaceful response resonate. You never know — being wrong could turn into something right after all.


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