Wisdom Wednesday: Do It Anyway.

‘What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight; build anyway.” – Mother Theresa


Fear. It’s those millions of butterflies floating in the pit of your stomach. The cold sweat that keeps you up at night. The wooziness you feel right before you tell your crush you like them. It’s that annoying feeling we experience often, but  one of the most powerful things to ever conquer. I’ve always viewed fear as a challenge — a challenge to step out of my comfort zone, be brave and learn something new. Every time I click publish on a new blog post, I tense up and think simultaneously, “What if no one reads this post?” or “What if no one agrees with what I have to say?” It’s those thoughts that can sometimes deter me from following through, but I know that in the end I would only be doing myself (and my awesome readers) a major disservice by not doing so.

I was chatting with my friends over drinks a few months ago, and the topic of sleeping schedules came up. I had mentioned that I had been awake since 4 AM writing blog posts and they looked at me as if I were an alien. “Who gets up in the middle of the night to write?”, one of them asked. I couldn’t quite explain why I enjoy watching the sunrise while listening to music and typing in WordPress, but it makes me happy. And as I look to take my dream(s) to the next level, I’ve never felt more nervous in my life. Pressure builds and responsibilities become greater, but I’m learning that the hard work we decide to put in now, will always yield a greater reward.

Pharrell’s recent interview with Oprah is proof of that. Everyone knows his latest hit “Happy” is blowing up the charts, but that wasn’t always the case. Like all artists, I’m sure he had no idea what the world’s reaction to the song and the video would be, but he put it out anyway. And little did he know would it become a worldwide phenomenon — so much that it moved him to tears. Everything we do (whether we know it our not) has an effect on someone else — and we can’t forget that. Our actions, thoughts and emotions will always impact someone else, and we can’t let mistakes or even a few bad days get in the way of us achieving the impossible.

We’ve all been placed on this Earth to live out our respective callings, but we must be willing to pursue them fearlessly. Yes, we are going to grow tired, get frustrated and eventually run out of ideas, but we’ve got to be willing to take the risk and keep pressing forward

Whether that is sacrificing a few hours of sleep before heading to work, staying in on a Friday night or investing a portion of our savings into building a website, DO IT ANYWAY. Yes, people will make fun of you, ignore your requests and even tell you “no” — but DO IT ANYWAY. Don’t be THAT person who looks back 10 years from now and wishes they should’ve, could’ve and would’ve. Pursue that goal right now!

As you move forward in your week, I always want to encourage you to keep going — but persevere with purpose. Never cease reading, listening, and seeking for answers. And always remember to show gratitude with a cheerful heart.

Because in the end, it was never between you and them anyway,



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