Millennials on a Mission: Be Moxie

Happy Friday, friends!

We’re just six days away from the start of spring, and I couldn’t me more excited! Today’s “Millennials on a Mission” are a group of young ladies that are dedicated to providing women of color with resources to excel both professionally and personally. Focusing on the principles of mentorship, building a professional network and serving as an outlet for expression, they are encouraging women everywhere to face adversity boldly with confidence and strength.

I’d like for you all to meet the ladies of Be Moxie.


Aline Murta, Joannie Diaz and Macia Batista met while attending college in Upstate New York, but since graduation have built a tighter bond sharing similar passions. “We’re actually all sorority sisters!” says Joannie. “We realized we all had a passion for community engagement, empowerment, mentorship …oh yeah, and dogs.” Both Aline and Joannie are alumnae of Syracuse University, and Macia an alumna of LeMoyne College. Collectively, they are working in the field of business, serving roles as project coordinators and trading analysts in New York City.

On the inception of ‘Be Moxie‘, and challenges faced in launching a brand: 

Moxie means the ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage, skillful, initiative, fearlessness, and nerve,” says Aline. “The reason we added the ‘Be’  in front of it was to make this a lifestyle choice.”  Both Macia and Joannie agree. Their vision to shed light on issues affecting all aspiring professional women coupled with a stage to highlight their achievements drove them to create something that would be inclusive to all women of color. “Having done our research, we saw the void there was in anything that catered to all the facets of growing professional first generation women,” Joannie says. “We want women to feel fearless, to face difficult situations, to overcome barriers…We want them to Be Moxie.”

With the mission and vision in place, the hardest part for the trio was getting started. “Not one of us was very technical before this, and had no idea what HTML or CSS meant,” says Macia. “We all had Facebook and Instagram, but how do you gauge THOUSANDS of women through social media marketing and great content?!”  To get the wheels turning, they set a website launch date, networked constantly and started writing some content. “There are so many aspects that come about building a brand and getting people to believe in your brand and it has truly been a learning process for us,” says Aline. “But the only way to do something is just to put yourself out there and do it!” So far, Be Moxie has about 5,000 unique visitors to their site — but the ladies are ready to take it to the next level. “That’s also another challenge,” Joannie says. “How do we make 5,000 visitors to 15,000, and get people to keep coming back for more?”

Professionally, the ladies of Be Moxie are inspired by women that look to make an impact and are self starters. “There is nothing more inspirational than meeting women that worked their way up from the bottom.” Additionally, they are all extremely inspired by their families who left their home countries to give their children ‘The American Dream’. “They have all worked so hard in order for us to go to college and have an abundance of opportunities,” says Macia. “We will be forever grateful to them.”


On what sets them apart from other career development resources for women, and future plans: 

There are numerous career development resources out there for women, but not many that target just women of color and at such a young age. As founders, Macia, Joannie and Aline can relate to the stories of many first generation women of color that didn’t necessarily have the resources growing up to flourish, but beat the odds and did. “We have the same hunger for success as they do and we want to connect with them, show them they are not alone on this climb to the top,” says Aline. Right now, they are still in the beginning stages of their website, but this summer they will begin hosting events — making genuine connections with all the women they meet and go beyond the surface to help women reach their goals. With each of the young ladies having full time jobs, Be Moxie has become their second 9-to-5. “We work whenever we have a free second: whether it is meeting during the week to plan and strategize, attending events after work, or sacrificing lunch hours to send emails and do some marketing,” Joannie says.  As tired as they may be, Macia knows that they wouldn’t give up this experience because it has already taught them so much. “The hustle to not only be successful, but to make an impact has never been more fulfilling.” 

To Joannie, Aline and Macia, a ‘Millennial on a Mission‘ is someone who does not settle for less than they deserve. They are empowered and seek to find their purpose on this earth. Equally, millennials help others find their direction and purpose as well. Aline says, “we strive to live and achieve our dreams by not looking back and just going for it” — a personal motto of the power trio. “We constantly uplift each other and other women we meet because we want them to do the same, to take the leap,” says Joannie. The ladies would advise young entrepreneurs to expose their ideas, and get as much feedback as possible. “The more that you pitch, the more opportunity you have to see the gaps of what you are doing and what your strengths are,” Macia says. “You have to be able to sell and believe in what you are offering in order for other people to believe it in as well.”

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