5 Things To Know When Establishing Your Online Brand


Happy Tuesday, friends!

Now more than ever, our online reputations are proving to be just as important as face-to-face interactions. Tweets, Facebook statuses and Instagram posts speak to our personalities, and can even have an impact on who hires us for the next big job opportunity. Additionally, they open the window to our thoughts, beliefs, dreams and aspirations.  I know many of us young professionals are aware of these things, but it never hurts to have a quick refresher. In order to build your personal brand effectively, check out these five tips to keep in mind when establishing, your online brand:

1. Consistency is Key! I can’t stress enough how important it is to have synchronicity across all social platforms. For instance, when I began acquiring various social media accounts, I had different handles for Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. While it’s a cool way to differentiate your personality on each social network, it could complicate how you are searched online. To avoid any confusion, simply keep it consistent over all sites. For instance, my Twitter handle: @chasityscooper is the same as my Instagram handle, and also serves as the URL for my Pinterest page. When you type that into Google, my blog, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn pages all come up in the results. This not only strengthens my online presence, but also makes it easy to find the outlets I use regularly.

2. Always keep it professional. When you’re applying for internships, jobs and other opportunities, HR representatives are not even going to bat an eye at the rest of your resume if an email address is something outrageous like “HitThatNaeNae202@gmail.com”. It’s always best to stick with FirstName.LastName@gmail/hotmail/yahoo.com. If you want, go ‘head and throw in an underscore or a number, but that’s it! Keep it simple and sweet. Also, don’t forget to take the time to personalize your LinkedIn and Google+ URLs.

3. Plan strategically, set goals and work smart. Establishing your personal brand isn’t going to happen overnight, so you must be willing to invest time and energy into making yourself stand out. If you plan accordingly, you won’t have to spend all day scrolling aimlessly through your social media feeds to find the next big thing. I’ve found it very helpful in scheduling time in the morning to post online, and creating spreadsheets of Twitter chats that I like to participate in and a list of tweets I use to post past content. Blogger Jessica Lawlor put together a great post with tips on how to do PR for your personal brand which I absolutely love. Which brings me to my next point…

4. Sharing is Caring! If you see something you like online, don’t afraid to like, share or retweet it.(This goes for your own content, too!) The Internet is a bountiful resource, and there is so much great information out there for us to learn from and channels to contribute to. And always remember to h/t (hat tip) and show love to the person or people that put you on to the awesome gems that you find — Internet courtesy is a thing, you know 🙂

5. Have fun, and don’t be afraid to join the conversation! You never know what type of relationships you could build via Tweet, Facebook like or +1, so take a leap of faith and let your voice be heard. There are infinite possibilities to position yourself as a potential thought leader in areas that you’re passionate about, so watch, learn and make your move. There are so many new and cool ways to communicate, so why not take advantage of them?

What things have you learned in building your personal brand? Comment below or send me a tweet to share your favorite tips!



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