EVENT: Love Life Media Presents “4P Social”

Happy President’s Day, everyone!

It’s always exciting to meet new millennials that are finding innovative ways to intersect their passion with their life’s purpose. This Saturday, February 22nd, the boutique public relations and consulting firm Love Life Media will be hosting 4P Social: “Highlighting Positive People and Positive Projects”, a networking event for all young entrepreneurs in the Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia area. The event will feature presentations from other millennial entrepreneurs Catherine Trotter, Wayne Bertram, Jr. and Dominique Wilkins as, well as a presentation from Capital One specifically tailored to small business owners. I recently had the chance to catch up with  Love Life Media’s founder and CEO Timea Gaines to gain more insight on her love for media, and what attendees can expect from this Saturday’s event.


CC: Thank you so much for taking the time out to speak with me Timea!  To start, tell me a little bit more about yourself, and how you began your career in communications.

TG: Absolutely! I’m a proud graduate of Morgan State University’s class of 2012 where I studied telecommunications (now known as Broadcast and Integrated Media.) While originally enrolled at MSU as a theater major,  I had the opportunity to intern at Radio One DC for the nationally syndicated Russ Parr morning show. It was during this time and under the mentorship of the late Sheila Stewart (Media Relations & Community Affairs Director) that I became more intrigued with the communications field. Additionally, working for all five DC radio stations  ignited my all-time passion for writing and media. Currently, I am a radio personality for Thirsty Soul Radio, which in and of itself was a serendipitous opportunity. After doing a radio interview to promote the LLM event She ROCKS!, I  was pitched by TSR  to audition for a  short entertainment news segment.  After much success of the news segment, I  was offer my own show, and the rest is history!

CC: When did you start Love Life Media, and what was your inspiration behind starting a firm that specifically focused on positive media?

TG:  Love Life Media actually began as a blog before I started working for the government. I started as an intern, then was offered a promotion — but didn’t feel as though my potential was being fulfilled. Part-time, I still pursued public relations and made the decision one day that it was time for me to really turn my passion into a full-time career.  The same day I was going to submit my letter of resignation, I received approval to do media coverage for the Stellar Awards. That acceptance to me was a sign of confirmation for me to pursue the career of my dreams. There isn’t a lot of mainstream media coverage promoting positive media. I want to promote positive pop culture and show the world that there are still a group of millennials who make positive media relevant, cool, and alluring without fights breaking out or catty quarrels.

CC: What can attendees expect to take away from this Saturday’s 4P Social?

TG: This event initially stems from stems from my passion for highlighting positive people and positive projects. I created 4P Social in order to connect young entrepreneurs with integral resources! Instead of millennials investing their money in companies that already exist, bring millennial entrepreneurs to create a bigger network. SUPPORTING ONE ANOTHER. The goal of a small business isn’t always to remain small. This Saturday, I hope to connect people from all over the region in order to build bridges, and serve as an example to the younger generation that we can indeed build our own empires all the while giving back to our communities.

To learn more about Love Life Media, be sure to visit their website and follow them on Twitter at @LLM_LoveLife.

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