Millennial on a Mission: Reggie McCrimmon

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I sure have shown a lot of love to the brothas lately, huh? (Women’s History Month is coming, just wait on it!) But today’s ‘Millennial on a Mission’ is yet another rising star, this time on Capitol Hill. If you live in The District (especially during the summer) you are bound to meet fresh new faces at a variety of functions. I remember chatting it up with this young man at a friend’s barbecue, and becoming instantly intrigued by his excitement to live in D.C. and passion for working on The Hill. Just from our short conversation, I could tell that he was dedicated to service, and aspired to be a leader in his community sooner than later. While it has been a tough transition leaving a community of family and friends to begin a career in a new city, he really enjoys living in The District and remains optimistic about meeting ambitious and diverse groups of people.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Reggie McCrimmon.


A native of  Fayetteville, North Carolina by way of Upper Marlboro, Maryland,  Reggie graduated from North Carolina Central University where he studied political science. From day one, he was serious about building a strong foundation for his professional career and as a result, treated college as a full-time job. “My college experience exceeded my highest expectations, affording me an opportunity serve on so many levels,” Reggie says. “I established a network of mentors and friends who challenged my ambitions while also reaching out to high achieving professionals.”  And he built quite the resume in the process, too. From interning for the North Carolina Senate to U.S. Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC) as a freshman, to joining Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated as a sophomore, and being elected as Student Body President his junior and senior year, Reggie credits all of these experiences to building a strong academic and professional foundation.

On his current experiences on The Hill, and how they align with his future goals: 

Working on Capitol Hill has definitely been all that I’ve imagined —  to a certain extent. I think we all have a foggy imagination about life on The Hill, especially with shows  like House of Cards, Scandal and The West Wing. However, for the most part I imagined and expected a fast-paced, unique environment to serve as a great jump-start to a career in government affairs and that’s what I got. On the other hand, I wasn’t expecting to see as much camaraderie that exists among Members of the House. While so many members disagree on fundamental issues I appreciate the cordiality of this campus of Members, appointed and support staff that has been displayed in my short time here. I’m still fresh around the way, so we’ll see where my imagination takes me.

From a broader standpoint, my dream job would be to travel the world training companies, organizations and agencies on how to successfully implement their visions and strategic goals. More specifically, I aim to be a notable Chief of Staff for the White House. [This ambition stems from my passion for servant leadership.] Leadership that is genuine, hard-working, tenacious and committed to advancing the vision and strategic goals of the constituents. I want to be prepared to serve on the highest level, both public and private sector.


To Reggie, a “Millennial on a Mission” is one who is relentless in their pursuit to achieve their deepest ambitions. “I truly believe that we are in unchartered territories where the status quo just won’t due.” He believes that “Millennials on a Mission” seek to bring their passion and their profession together by approaching problems in an innovative and entrepreneurial way.  “As a young professional building a career in government and politics, I suggest to others that they seek to gain valuable knowledge and experience about our government and how our political system works.” While we all are passionate about serving others, Reggie thinks that as young professionals, our actions should speak louder than words. “Decide where you fit in the equation, and be serious in your pursuit of experiences that bring quality skills, character & leadership to the table.” 

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