My 10 Favorite Black Celebrity Couples

Happy Monday!

In honor of Black History Month (and with Valentine’s Day just days away) I thought it would be cool to highlight some of my favorite black celebrity couples. I’m so blessed to personally know a great deal of beautiful black couples that I completely admire in real life, but this is a list of public figures who (in my opinion) are ‘Black Love’ personified. While love is absolutely limitless, colorless, and holds no boundaries, these ten couples in my opinion are iconic representations within the African-American community, and have shown that it is indeed possible to experience tough times and still share the unconditional love that they have for one another freely and fearlessly. I can only hope and pray to one day too have an everlasting love like each of these couples do.

So without further adieu (and in no particular order), here are my favorite black couples:

1. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. (POTUS & FLOTUS) – Not only do my Uncle Barry and Auntie Michelle awesomely run the free world, but they are raising two beautiful teenage daughters, caring for two dogs and still have time to have date nights in The District. And I am here for all of it, always.

2. Denzel and Pauletta Washington. I’m sure that being married to one of the most sought after men in Hollywood would seem to be quite the daunting task, but Ms. Pauletta handles it very well. These two love birds have been married for 31 years and continue to strongly press forward.

3. Nicole Ari Parker and Boris Kodjoe. These two met while they were filming the ‘Soul Food’ on Showtime back in 2005, and have been going strong ever since. Honestly, they are just a really, really handsome couple!

4. Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham. Yes, I know they are not married. But Stedman and Oprah have been together so long that I’m sure by common law in a number of states they technically could be…if they wanted to be. I just absolutely love how much they adore and support one another, regardless of what people think they should do.

5. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. These two are just…off the chain (in a good way of course). I’ve always admired Will and Jada in how honest they are about their marriage and parenting methods, and how they too really don’t care what others have to say about what they’ve got going on. Salute to this very fun couple!

6. Angela Bassett and Courtney B. Vance. Many congrats to this couple for celebrating 17 years of marriage! Similar to many of the couples listed, they too met while working on perfecting their acting skills at the Yale School of Drama back in 1980.

7. Beyonce Knowles- Carter and Shawn ‘JAY Z’ Carter. Oh, HOV and Bey — there’s really not much to say about this power couple. We’ve seen them be “Crazy in Love”, have “Deja Vu”, ‘Upgrade’ one another and now they’re “Drunk In Love”. But over the course of the last 14 years of their relationship, I’ve appreciated how they strive to keep their personal matters private, and share cute little intimate moments on stage when necessary.

8. Carmelo and Lala Anthony. Of course there HAD to be some representation of #CuseNation here, but to me, Lala and ‘Melo are completely genuine. Even though she is involved in a million different ventures (and now is a New York Times Best Selling author), you will never not see her court-side supporting her man in a basketball game. 

9. Cookie and Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson. Twenty-three years of marriage and counting for these entrepreneurial love birds. Similar to Denzel and Pauletta, Cookie and Magic just make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside because they’re such a philanthropic couple.

[Bonus] – Cliff and Claire Huxtable. While Dr. and Mrs. Huxtable are a well-known television couple, their regality yet down-to-Earth nature made everyone fall in love with them. Without a doubt the prototype that we all should yearn to follow.

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