The 5 Best Commercials of Super Bowl XLVIII

Happy Monday, folks!

Congrats to Super Bowl 48 champions, the Seattle Seahawks! Between Joe Nameth’s fur coat and the number of memes shading the Denver Broncos, this last night’s game was very entertaining.

As I said in my post last week, I typically only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials and the Halftime Show [which btw, shout-out to Bruno Mars for a job well done!] This year, most of the commercials were ‘meh’ in my opinion, but there were a few that stood out and really showed the brilliance of the marketing and branding teams of these companies. So without further adieu [and in no particular order] here are my five favorite Super Bowl commercials:

1. Maserati’s Tribute to Beasts of the Southern Wild. To quote AdFreak, Maserati has an “incredible use of silence and strength” throughout this entire spot. For a commercial to be 1:31, it kept my full attention and it was great to see Quevenzhane Willis shine bright like the diamond that she is. While many people didn’t understand why she was the narrator because she’s too young to drive, I think her voice was perfect and provided the regality that is Maserati [because none of us can afford to buy one, of course.]  And let us not forget, Mazda’s ‘Zoom Zoom’ kid was mad young too, so let my girl Q live!

2. Cheerio’s Clap-back to the Haters. I absolutely loved the first installment of this commercial, and think that Cheerio’s did a great job in shedding light on the dynamic of an interracial family. In this commercial, our girl Gracie learns that she soon will become a big sister — which she doesn’t seem to be too thrilled about. Check out her adorable [and business savvy] response above.

3. Coca-Cola’s ‘It’s Beautiful’. The imagery and the singing of “America, The Beautiful” in several different languages just shows how amazingly diverse and beautiful our country really is. Bravo, Coca-Cola!

4. David Beckham for H&M. Because David Beckham being locked out of his photoshoot is EVERYTHING.

5. Doritos Time Machine. But Doritos STAYS getting little mischievous, genius kids for their commercials and I’m here for it! Jimmy had that dude straight fooled AND he snagged him a bag of Doritos. High-five, little buddy!

What were some of your favorite commercials from last night’s game? Comment below or send me a tweet!

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