Marketing 101: My Favorite Super Bowl Ads

Happy Tuesday!

We’re just days away from one of the biggest games of the football season. For advertising/branding/marketing nerds like myself, this is also a pretty important evening too. There are only two reasons why I get excited for one of America’s biggest (unofficial) national holiday: the half-time show and the commercials. Sure, I have to sacrifice 4 hours watching a game I couldn’t careless about, but it’s totally worth it to see a great mini-concert and hilarious (and very expensive) commercials.

To gear up for Sunday’s Funday, here are a few of my favorite Super Bowl Ads from years past — and be sure to check out my re-cap of this year’s best commercials next week!


1. Britney Spears, Pepsi (2001) – I mean seriously, my girl Brit gave you full ‘Oops I Did It Again‘ realness in this ode to America’s favorite carbonated beverage. And shout-out to Wade Robson for  the sick choreography!


2. ‘Don’t Mess with My Mama’, Doritos Commercial (2010) –  This little boy wasn’t playing ANY games! That’s all you, shorty!


3. The Force, Volkswagen (2011) – I don’t know much about Star Wars, but I do know that this is an adorably cute example of parents fostering their kids’ imagination.

4. Get Happy,Volkswagen (2013) – While some may have found this commercial offensive, I found it extremely light-hearted and a unique way put a smile on our faces for the Monday morning we were about to face. Two for you, Volkswagen!


5. Betty White for Snickers (2010) – Because Betty White is AWESOME.


6. David Beckham for H&M (2013) – Chile, just look and marvel.


7. 1984, Apple Machintosh (1984) – In honor of Apple turning 30 years old, here’s an oldie but goodie that only aired once.


Enjoy the game!


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