APP ALERT: Are You Ready For THIS Jelly?


It must be Jelly, ’cause jam don’t shake like that!

Pardon my corny pick-up line, but have you caught wind of the new Jelly craze yet?

It’s starting to quickly gain speed for those of us technology and marketing nerds that are always trying to stay up on the next big thing. For those of you that don’t know exactly what Jelly is, think of it as the immediacy of SnapChat, the short and sweet messaging of Twitter with the ability to ignore scroll through images as you would on Instagram.

According to Mashable, “Jelly is a question-and-answer based social network, with the goal to help users find answers to their questions in real time by crowdsourcing opinions from their social networks.” Created by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, Jelly gives users the opportunity to ask friends of their friends random questions. So it’s not as annoying as SnapChat because you can sweep past a question if you don’t know the answer, but it’s also friendly because if someone gives you a good answer to your question, you can thank them. I’ve had a blast using the app for the last two days, and the responses I’ve received to my questions have been pretty helpful. Check out a few screenshots of the interface to see how it works below:

What it looks like when some asks a question: 

photo 4


What it looks like when you ask a question: 

photo 5

And when there are no more questions to answer:

photo 3

And there you have it — seems pretty simple and fun, right? I’ll be excited to see if and when more brands and companies catch on and start using this platform. Do you think Jelly be the next social media phenomenon? Let me know your thoughts below or send me a tweet!


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