Wisdom Wednesdays: Be In The Moment.


This is the gospel that I definitely needed yesterday. 

Have you ever found yourself wrapped up in so much that you neglect to appreciate where you are, presently? It’s so easy to think about what happens next and what could be in the next year or two, but what about right now? Yesterday was a serious wake up call for me — partially because I was having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day — but also because I had overwhelmed myself with all that I have going on to the point of emotional overload. When you think that you’re on a roll, it’s hard to slow down your hustle and smell the roses. But I’m here to let you all know that it’s the most important thing you can do.

I speak a lot to “trusting your struggle” and “trusting the process” — which are both important components to our ever-evolving  personal journeys. But we also have to make sure we adhere to things that will make us better people too. Taking time to breathe every once in a while and communicate how we feel to those that care and love us. Saying no to that one event so that you can go home and watch your favorite TV show and paint your toes. Doing nothing — ABSOLUTELY NOTHING — one  Saturday a month and being okay with it. Even in the midst of our elevation as young career professionals, we have to look out for ourselves — because if we don’t, who will?

To be in the moment requires more than just being physically present. It’s really being in tune with your environment and its changes. What are you learning from those around you? What (and how) are you able to share your talents with others? Are you putting forth you best effort, giving 110% every single time?  If so, great! If you know that you can improve in these areas (which I know I can), then let’s work together to make some changes! We still have a little bit of time left in the 4th quarter to really make it count. God never, ever gives us more than we can bear — and I’m thankful for these teachable moments to remind me of what is important.

So take a moment today to JUST BE: appreciate where you are, how far you’ve come and in time, where you want be and who you want to become will fall into place.


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