The REVISED List of the 40 Hottest Black Men In Hollywood.

But let’s talk about how much of an “L” Buzzfeed took with their list…

Usually, I am so here for Buzzfeed’s lists of gifs, 90’s memories and cat memes, but yesterday I just sat in confusion and perplexity with this one. As I stated on my Faceboook page, “The 51 Hottest Black Men in Hollywood” list is not only inaccurate (and a random number), but completely out of order and missing a few chocolate misters who STAY getting it.  So with out further adieu, here is MY version of the 40 hottest Black men in Hollywood:

40. Jacob Artist

This cute pie plays “Jake” on the FOX hit show, Glee. 

39. Nathan Owens

38. Jamie Foxx

37. Rob Brown

He did his thing as Ernie Davis in “The Express” — Go Orange!

36. *Chadwick Boseman

Ladies and gents, meet Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’. *fans self*

35. Jensen Atwood

34. Ludacris

33. Jay Ellis

32. Isaiah Mustafa

Yep, he’s the Old Spice guy. 

31. Djimon Hounsou

30. Pooch Hall

Aww, hey Derwin!

29. Nelly

28. Miguel

I love me some Miggy. 

27. Luke James

This ‘I Want You’ R&B crooner is just as fine in person, y’all. 

26. Maxwell

25. Common

“And you say Chi-city…” I most certainly do dear. 

24. Pharrell Williams

Skateboard P on his grown man…

23.  John Legend

“This is a new year for love, love in the future…”

22. Terrance J

So proud at how far he’s come!

21. Jesse Williams

This Grey’s Anatomy cutie has always had the #HeyBoo factor.

20. Tyson Beckford

19.  Andre 3000

Andre Benjamin’s style is impeccable. 

18. Lenny Kravitz

17. Mechad Brooks

Mechad does his acting thing, but I love him as a model

16. Daniel Sunjata

From ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy to USA’s Graceland, Daniel’s swoon factor is always on point. 

15. Columbus Short

#RIP Harrison Wright.

14. Shemar Moore

My crush on Shemar goes back to his days on Young & The Restless though…

13. Charles Michael Davis

12. Michael Ealy

Those blue eyes are something captivating…

11. Blair Underwood

10. Laz Alonso

9. Lance Gross

8. Boris Kodjoe

I still want to learn how to speak German….

7. Barack Obama

Hello, Mr. President. 

6. Taye Diggs

#CuseNation – enough said. 

5. Morris Chestnut

4. Denzel Washington

Maaaaaaan, look.

3. Will Smith

Willy from Philly has only become more handsome with age. WOO!

2. Michael B. Jordan

1. Idris Elba

British accent? Check. Groomed beard? Check. Flawless chocolate skin? CHECK.

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