Wisdom Wednesdays: Take Time To Listen.

To me, one of the most fascinating things about human interaction is the art of conversation.

Discussion. Debate. Dialogue. It can be pretty awesome to be in a room full of people sharing their ideas and opinions, but the most powerful activity that one can do in a conversation is listen.

Like anyone else, I do enjoy speaking my piece when it comes to something I am most passionate. But it’s the act of listening that can change your perspective. When we silence ourselves,  take time to focus on and connect with the world around us and allow ourselves to open up and be receptive to the ideals, thoughts and feelings of others, it is when we really become more self-aware.

In this riveting TED Talk, deaf percussionist Evelyn Glennie demonstrates through music how active listening can not only enhance your responses, but improve your attentiveness to the way in which you engage with others.

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