Wisdom Wednesdays: Pay Your Damn Dues.


(shout-out to my sis Taj Rani for inspiring this post) ❤

Happy Scandal Eve, fellow gladiators.

I’ll keep this brief and cute. As 20-somethings in today’s society, it seems as though our every move is under microscopic watch. Whether it’s The Feds or the mainstream media, trolling is becoming more popular and the “millennial” generation can’t seem to catch a break. Well, can you really blame them though?

What started with harmless AOL chat rooms, Facebook honesty box messages and MySpace top eight positions, has since evolved into Twitter rants, encyclopedia entry-length Facebook status updates and countless Instagram selfie posts. We’ve become ridiculously fascinated with ourselves and what we are individually capable of, that we sometimes neglect the fact that there were a number of factors that contributed to our overall success. One would think that as much as much infatuation we have for ourselves personally, we would want that to translate into our professional lives. Well

Now, this post is in no way to “put anyone on blast” for faux hustling or “hating” on anyone by any means. I actually want to applaud all of my peers for staying on their grind at all times. But this is merely a reminder for any and everyone (myself included) who may thing that just because you’ve it a full salary job with benefits, PTO and a very nice 401K option — the hustle is far from over and the struggle is just as real. Yes, we all may enjoy the perks of flashing lights and awesome company giveaways every now and then, but all that glitters isn’t gold. Trust and believe that none of us got where we are (and won’t continue to progress in our careers) solely by ourselves.

In order to get to where we WANT to be in any place of our lives, we must do one thing — PAY OUR DAMN DUES.

I’m sure you’re thinking, “but Chas, that’s evident.  We all know that you can’t get to where you’re going without knowing where you come from AND making a few sacrifices.” And friend, I completely agree with you. However…

There’s a huge difference between owning the work that you’ve busted your ass for; and attempting to “take credit” for the hard work of a completely different group of individuals. There are some of my peers out there in the atmosphere that walk like this but can’t back it up. Sure, we’ve all “started from the bottom and now we here”, but here should be a journey and not a destination. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work–you can’t exclaim “F- with me, you know I got it” when you really only have a tenth of a percentage or haven’t contributed anything at all. But I’m over here sleep though.

As the great New Orleans philosopher Dwayne Michael Carter once said, “Real g’s move in silence like lasagna.”, so the only thing that I want to encourage my fellow millennials to do is to keep hustling, and stay hungry. Never stop pressing forward to your dreams and always show gratitude to those around you. Learn the difference between humble bragging, modest delivery (on and offline) and being a damn show off. Be conscious of the ego, accept constructive criticism, and don’t ever be afraid to check yourself before you do in fact wreck yourself.

That’s all I have for now. Thanks for reading!


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