RE-CAP: The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards

Happy Monday!

Okay, so by now I’m sure that you all have seen the video clips, read a million BuzzFeed articles and combed through thousands of tweets about MTV’s rather interesting presentation of the Video Music Awards, so I’ll keep this real cute. But to help me re-cap some of last night’s series of events, I’ve got my E-Town homegirl Charliese (aka @ChaSoHard) so provide some insight as well.

So here we go!

1. Lady Gaga’s Entertaining Performance of “Applause”

Charliese:  If you missed the opening act of MTV’s Video Music Awards, you may have missed the 2 of 2 entertaining performance of that night (behind Justin Timberlake, of course). While some may not agree – Lady Gaga was the only act to provide a well-rounded performance tell a story with “Applause”. In case you had trouble following, she starts off as a blank canvas and later evolved into the different versions of herself including “Love Games” Lady Gaga and “Telephone” Lady Gaga. Finishing it off with, what we can only assume, is the birth of a new Lady Gaga. Which, involved a barely there outfit that exposed an ass that Miley Cyrus should really be jealous of… I’m just saying. I’m not sure Chasity would agree with me but overall, bravo Mother Monster, you have made your Little Monsters proud.

Chasity:  Agreed! I honestly think that Gaga should’ve closed the VMAs with this one. Every time I blinked, she had snatched her own wig or switched an outfit, which I thought was dope because didn’t let it take away from her singing and dancing. I definitely would put this performance in the top three of the night, and she had the fellas going crazy over her “yams”. The way she dramatically and creatively expresses herself on stage always fascinates me, and it was nice to see her back on the VMA stage.

2. When Twerking Goes Wrong: The Miley Cyrus + Robin Thicke Edition.  

Chasity: *le sigh* The first time I watched the performance, I definitely had the same reaction that The Smith family had to Lady Gaga: one of disbelief and shock. Like, I get it Miley — you’re 20, like to shake your lack of behind and enjoying the idea of discovering new sounds for your music. But GIRL. Next time, find some clothes that fit, keep your tongue in your mouth and don’t grind on a fully married man! And even more, her doing the most took away from 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar’s features in Robin Thicke’s new song “Give It To You”. While there have a variety of colorful responses to this spectacle, I think the most entertaining was the Beats Pill commercial that aired immediately after the performance. Classic shade at its finest.

Charliese:  I believe it’s most appropriate to start with, “What the [explicative] was that?” What could have easily been a performance to redeem her image, turned into a tragic disaster that I’m sure has her PR team scrambling to resolve – if that’s even possible. It was one thing to have a set full of teddy bears, which is confusing in itself because she’s very adamant on proving to everyone that she’s not a child, but to walk OUT of a giant teddy bear with her tongue fully extended out of her mouth is another thing. Then she busted into a full on twerk which caused her to be out of breath for most of the performance. It. Was. HORRIBLE. Not even Robin Thicke could save this train wreck. I’m not going to lie, when she decided to juke all up on him, nuzzle his neck and use her foam finger to suggest a male body part – I had to look away. It was tasteless, embarrassing and a scream for attention (for all the wrong reasons). But, as for Robin Thicke, he is the ultimate form of eye candy…even in his attempt to dress up like Beetlejuice. However, it sucks because Miley was really the ultimate distraction from his performance and there was too much happening on stage. I’m going to need her to get it together it together and quickly.

3. The Justin Timberlake Performance of a Lifetime featuring *NSYNC. 

Charliese:  Excuse me while the 12 year old inside of me dies all over again. How awesome was that performance? This was definitely the MOST entertaining performance of the night. Our man, JT, performed for almost a solid 15 minutes straight and barely broke a sweat. I mean really, can this man be any more perfect!? And then, just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, it happened, the five faces that once took over my bedroom walls appeared. It was NSYNC. Holy sh*t. It happened, despite many questionable doubts.

Chasity: I GOT MY LIFE during his whole performance, but when those five men and their shadows showed up on the television screen, I lost it. And what’s funny is that I knew they were going to be performing together! Like, there are so many things I could discuss. From the shade that JT threw before they performed (“You asked for it,” and “Let’s show these young boys how to do it”) to Lance being late than a mug in the slide to the left to JC TRYING it when the performance clearly was over, those 110 seconds were everything I wanted them to be. And while some people hoped it would be a little bit longer, I think it was perfect because just as I predicted, JT let them shine for a bit and dismissed them to get back to his groove.

Charliese: While I certainly enjoyed the performance, I also wish there was a lot more to it. I respect them for replicating their famous 2000 VMA performance but what about the other songs we loved? “Gone”, “I Want You Back”, “Pop”, “(God Must Have Spent A Little) A Little More Time On You”, etc. I mean really, I could go on forever. However, I have to say, I did laugh when I saw Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick in their suits. Come on guys – at least pretend to stay in shape. As a fan from the beginning, it’s so amazing to see his growth as a person, actor, singer, comedian (in a sense) and now a hubby. Any tips on how I can get my future son to dance like that though?!

Chasity: Right?! I’ve been stanning for Justin since ’99, and it was “love at first listen” when I heard him belt out those first few notes of “I Want You Back.” It’s been so cool to watch him evolve from a boy to a man, and I couldn’t be more proud of him as an artist.

4. “Are You Not Entertained?”: Rihanna’s Epic Shade. 

Charliese: I need to take a moment and thank the cameramen of MTV for capturing Rihanna during the award show last night. I feel like she was the perfect representative for how the viewers were feeling, which was less than amused. Her boredom even got the best of her as she accidently spilled popcorn all over her friend, THEN puts the popcorn on the seat of the woman in front of her. LOL, I mean she really has no shame. But that’s why we love RiRi right? Throughout the entire show she kept it 100% real. I mean, at least she applauded at the end of the sets right?!

Chasity: Listen, Rih-Rih ran out of ALL of the cares to give, and didn’t care who knew it. She was definitely the queen of shade that we needed last night. It was cool for MTV to have here there because she was nominated, but shorty was really there to show the world how we all were really feeling. From Miley’s train wreck to Drake’s performance, she really wasn’t trying to be there at ALL, and I loved every minute of it. I will say that it made me smile to see her groove during Justin’s performance, seeing as they have a little musical history together. But yes, she did keep it cute and respected her peers when they finished performing. I honestly think she was ready to get to Jay Z’s after party though…

5. “Blood On The Leaves”: Kanye West’s Silhouette Performance. 

Charliese: So, did anyone know homeboy was even going to take the stage? I sure didn’t and I almost wish he just would have stayed at home with North because his performance was…well, how do I put this nicely?….stupid. I have no words for the close up of his face to his shadow that took over the rest of the performance. Seriously, what was happening? Between the heavy censorship toward the end of the song to his ridiculous dance moves, his performance could be best absorbed on mute.. He just looked and sounded manic and all over the place which caused him to literally jump out of the frame at one point. I thought by now he would be over his stage fright, but I guess performing in the dark is known to help performers every once in a while.

Chasity: I think his performance did go over a lot of the audience’s head. And quite frankly, the song he performed really didn’t fit with the rest of the show. I still do appreciate Kanye for his genius, but he definitely did channel homegirl from the “Living Single” theme song to a TEE. From time to time, I do enjoy Kanye’s dance moves, I was just afraid that he was going to fall over at one point. But I’m sure everyone in the audience as well as watching at home was wondering WHY we couldn’t see him for most of the performance. I just hope that if he is going to keep performing songs from his “Yeezus” album that he understands that not everyone will immediately vibe to it. I was definitely expecting him to re-create his 2010 VMA performance of “Runaway”,  but I think he may have missed the mark on this one. Nonetheless, I still think that he’s a great talent.

And there you have it! Feel free to hit Charliese and I on Twitter to continue the conversation.

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