Wisdom Wednesdays: Seize Opportunity, Live Life + Be Sexy

Happy Wednesday folks!

It’s actually been over ten years since I’ve watched the Teen Choice Awards (who knew they still came on anymore?), but I couldn’t help but really enjoy Ashton Kutcher’s acceptance speech for the Ultimate Choice Award. As the star of the new film “JOBS”, a biopic about the late Steve Jobs, Ashton has definitely come a very long way since playing Michael Kelso on That 70’s Show. While I think that most of the knowledge he dropped went in one ear and out of the other for most of the pre-pubescent teenagers in the audience, he made some very valid points that I’d like to expound on:

1. Opportunity. Each day, we’re blessed with the freedom to change the world through our words and actions. We are all brilliant beyond measure, and have the resources to do amazing things. Ashton explains that he was always lucky to have a job, and it was always a stepping stone to another great opportunity. Whether it was sweeping up Cheerio dust off a factory floor or working in a grocery store deli, he states that he never had a job in his life that he was better than. I think that’s very important for millennials to remember that while it’s great to want the money, cars and clothes, success is a process and we must have the utmost patience with it.

2. Live Life. Ashton says that while he was filming “JOBS”, he re-learned the true meaning of the value of life. “Everything around us that we call life was made up of people that are no smarter than you,” he said. “And you can build your own things and you can build your own life that other people can live in.” Key word: BUILD. I think that we should always strive to build in our lives. Whether it is relationships, concepts or IKEA furniture — never miss the opportunity to create something new and make it sustainable. It can be a challenge, but you’ll be so proud of yourself when you look back at the finished product.

3. Be Sexy. To me, confidence embodies what it truly means to be sexy. If you think of the most iconic figures of our time, sure they are very attractive, but it’s their bold confidence and certainty in themselves that allures us. Ashton mentions that the sexiest thing in the entire world is to be really smart, and I couldn’t agree with him more. Now, that doesn’t mean going around shutting people down with all of the facts we know will get us on People Magazine’s Most Beautiful People list, but the action of acquiring knowledge to incite change, and being kind to people is what will make us sexy.

And there you have it! Did Ashton leave anything out, or did he hit the nail on the head? Feel free to tweet me or leave a comment below!

Have a great day friends!


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