9 Websites Every #Millennial Should Be Visiting

Happy Tuesday Friends!

So I’ll just cut right to the chase — I absolutely love to read. Magazines, books, newspapers, billboards —  you name it, I probably like to read it. But nothing beats logging into my Feedly every morning (R.I.P. Google Reader) and checking out all of the amazing websites and blogs that I follow. I could write for days about ALL of the blogs that I love to read, but list is specifically geared to my fellow millennials. So as you’re riding the Metro to work this morning, check out these nine websites (in no particular order) for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

1. The Daily Muse. From tips on how to spruce up your resume and cover letter, to providing career advice and awesome job posts, I visit The Daily Muse on the regular. I absolutely love receiving their “Daily Inspiration” posts, and can’t wait to start my classes in Muse University today!

2. Levo LeagueMade especially for Gen Y women, Levo League is an online community that strives to empower millennial women to not only elevate their careers, but make sure they focus on themselves as well. The articles are insightful and the weekly Office Hours have featured the likes of Sheryl Sandberg, Soledad O’Brien and Warren Buffett just to name a few.

3. Inc.  While this online magazine is geared toward entrepreneurs, I receive so much inspiration from Inc. daily. As a marketing professional, I really appreciate the advice from seasoned professionals on what it takes to succeed in the small business and start-up industry.

4. Thought Catalog. While this blog is heavily inundated with the opinions of its writers, I can’t help but relate to the funny and sometimes emotionally charged stories. But seriously, if there isn’t just one article on this blog that you can’t relate to as a 20-something, you and I may need to re-evaluate our friendship.

5. The Atlantic Cities I was just recently put on The Atlantic Cities, and I absolutely love it! As the younger sibling of well-renowned journal The Atlantic, this website provides a number of amazing articles that keep those city dwellers like myself informed on the latest happenings.

6. Policy MicIt goes without saying that living in The District for the past two years has definitely made me much more aware of what happens on The Hill.  However, when it comes to politics, it’s nice to have an outlet that informs millennials about the issues that affect us directly.

7. The Branding MuseThis website is absolutely fantastic for those college students and recent grads looking to learn about all things related to enhancing your personal brand. If you are absolutely clueless in how to establish your personal brand, then you need to enroll in their 3-week course Hired, Happy & Paid as soon as possible. Classes start in September!

8. CareerealismWhen I was on the job hunt, this site was an awesome resource. Whether I need interview tips or career inspiration, Careerealism provides a wealth of knowledge to help millennials feel prepared to walk in the door and get the job of their dreams.

And last, but certainly not least:

9. BuzzFeedThis clearly goes without saying, because I know that all of us spend at least 10% of our day scrolling through the awesome lists with gifs that keep us cracking up. From politics and food to pop culture and music, BuzzFeed has got to be the greatest thing ever.

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