#PressPlay: Part One “Twenties” Pilot Presentation

I love a good webseries.

As I found myself perusing on YouTube this evening, I came across this new series called “Twenties”. Without hesitation, I pressed play because a.) I’m a fly girl in my twenties, b.) the main character, Hattie, is a vlogger that’s totally relatable and I imagine what Lynn from “Girlfriends” would be if she ever decided to take her talents to YouTube, and c.) it was “liked” by the amazing Issa Rae, and an endorsement by her means it has got to be dope. I really do enjoy the show so far, and can’t wait to see more! Check out “Part One” of the pilot presentation above and head over to creator Lena Waithe’s YouTube channel for more webispodes.

What are some of your favorite web series? Hit me up on Twitter or comment below ones you think I should check out!


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