REVIEW: “Hired, Happy & Paid: A Personal Branding Workbook”

Happy Thursday!

Here at Young, Gifted & PRecise, I like to showcase the talents of my fellow millennials as much as I can. “Millennial on a Mission” Emmelie De La Cruz and her company The Branding Muse have recently released the e-workbook on personal branding titled, Hired, Happy & Paid. To provide a little context, Hired, Happy & Paid is actually a three-week personal branding course that Emmelie has designed for millennials that are looking to learn how to strategically market themselves order to expand their network, become thought leaders in their field of choice and ultimately get that dream job. In three workshops, participants will learn how to discover their personal brands, manage their virtual presence and finally bring their brands to life both on and offline. By the end of the course, participants will be equipped with the course’s e-workbook, a redesigned cover letter and resume, a personal website and so much more.

Throughout the personal branding workbook, Emmelie delves deep into the art of building a personal brand, breaking down several components that make a brand come to life (such as marketing, public relations, finance and even having a ‘board of directors’) and really challenges millennials to take charge of sustaining themselves both professionally and personally. What I really enjoy about this e-workbook is that Emmelie not only gives thorough definitions of branding concepts, but she also provides very tangible examples and interactive exercises that challenge millennials to really dig deep to adequately convey their goals and aspirations. She also discusses the importance of being able to leverage your personal brand in the work place and building relationships both on and offline. I’m telling you guys, this e-workbook has it all!

I think that the course is absolutely perfect for college students and recent graduates that are starting from the bottom (no pun intended) as they look to pursue the first steps in their careers. Hired, Happy & Paid is also a great refresher for current professionals that are looking to  revamp their personal brands both on and offline. Additionally, the e-book yields the perfect opportunity for the spark of ideas when it comes to designing personal logos and websites, updating your cover letter and resume, and how to communicate your brand.

So you’re probably wondering, where do I sign up? Well, you can head over to to register for the three-week course that will start in September. If you’re not quite ready to take the course, the “Hired, Happy & Paid” e-workbook is also available for purchase (which I highly recommend.) Both are very affordable investments, so take the risk and just do it!

Many congratulations to Emmelie and everyone at The Branding Muse for such an awesome job well done. Be sure to follow them on Twitter @TheBrandingMuse for daily updates on personal branding resources for today’s millennial.


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