Talk About It Tuesday: K-Mart Catches Flack For “Yo Mama Jokes” in Back-To-School Commercial

If you ask me, this is the funniest commercial I’ve seen in a while. 

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Real quick — think back to those days of recess in elementary and middle school, and having a good laugh from a round of “Yo’ Mama” with your friends. Good times, right? Well apparently, K-Mart’s new commercial is ‘stereotyping’, and has offended some consumers. Call me naive, but how can a group of young kids giving each other snide comments on their new and affordable threads be deemed as offensive? Honestly, kids to really speak like this on playgrounds across the country, and I think that some people are looking into this way too much.

When I saw this commercial for the first time last week, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud and think that it was the most clever marketing tactic I had seen in a while from a major retailer. Not only is K-Mart appealing to its younger,  more stylish audience, but it’s also showing parents that their kids can appreciate and understand the value of a dollar. While you do have some kids that are fortunate enough to have name brand sneakers and clothes, there are parents that are bargain shoppers — which is just as awesome. We all know that clothes can be pretty expensive nowadays, and I believe that K-Mart is making consumers more aware of that by promoting their reasonable prices.

As of late, the major retailer has also teamed up with celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Adam Levine to debut  new clothing lines. See? Even celebrities understand the importance of connecting with their audiences on many different levels. Not everyone can afford a cotton, white t-shirt that costs $120 (hey Kanye), so I applaud K-Mart for taking steps in the right direction to enhance their brand and create long-lasting partnerships with other prominent figures in pop culture.

What do you think? Is K-Mart trying to hard with the ‘Yo Mama’ jokes, or are some people just a little bit too sensitive? Hit me up on Twitter or make a comment below.

Because being fiscally responsible is cool,


5 thoughts on “Talk About It Tuesday: K-Mart Catches Flack For “Yo Mama Jokes” in Back-To-School Commercial

  1. Talia Johnson says:

    The commercial is offensive! Just another negative stereotype of African Americans. Not all our children snap their fingers and necks to get their point across.

  2. K Cutler says:

    I love your article. I spent some time reading through comments posted on Kmart’s facebook page calling for boycotts until Kmart pulls the ads. Nice to see someone else who thinks the ads are innocent.

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