EVENT RE-CAP: “Bringing Love Back To The City”

Happy Monday!

I hope that you all had a very eventful and fun weekend. As promised, I am going to share with you all the wonderful experience I had yesterday during the inaugural “Bringing Love Back to The City” speed dating event that took place in Dupont Circle at Ping Pong Dim Sum.


[Photos courtesy of Portia Wills]

This was definitely not your typical dating event — you were encouraged to release all inhibitions about what you thought it meant to speed date, and really enjoy the art of conversation. As a single lady living in The District, I was rather excited to step out of the usual chit-chat with guys at lounges and bars and try something new. Upon arrival to the intimate private room, each guest was  greeted with a delicious cocktail and hor d’doeurves, engaging in small chat before the official event began. Promptly at 2 PM, event hostesses Simona Noce and Portia Wills announced that we would begin what we had come to do — speed date!


[Photos courtesy of Portia Wills]

“We are not a matchmaking service,” SImona said. “But if you are so inclined and end up making a love connection, let me know so I can help plan the wedding.” With an even ratio of 20 men to 20 women, we all sat down in our designated seats– making it less awkward to find who would be your first date. Simona and Portia also provided their guests with questions to guide conversation, but once the event began to flow, each “couple” trailed off onto their own topics. From music, art and culture, to discussing family, goals and aspirations, and the top three non-negotiables an ideal significant other must have for a relationship to work, I really enjoyed getting to know the young men I spoke with in the 5-7 minute span that we were allotted. And I must say — it was quite refreshing to just have stimulating conversation in a very relaxed atmosphere. Also, it was rather encouraging to see a room full of successful, ambitious and good looking men and women of color gathered to enjoy each others company on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. At the end of the event, Simona and Portia expressed their sincerest thanks to everyone in attendance, as well as the awesome staff at Ping Pong for great service. As we were all handed our parting gifts , (ladies received tea and rock sugar, while the fellas got shot glasses and mini bottles of Absolut) guests still mixed and mingled, and even exchanged contact information in order to keep in touch beyond the event.

Overall, I had an amazing time at “A Sunday Kind of Love”. The execution was flawless, conversation enticing and engaging; and the environment completely positive and relaxing. I look forward to what the ladies of L’Afropolitan PR & Events have in store next as they continue to bring love back to the city. Be sure to head over to Twitter  to catch other reactions from attendees of the event, and stay tuned for more  pictures and video coming soon!



One thought on “EVENT RE-CAP: “Bringing Love Back To The City”

  1. A Diva State of Mind says:

    Looks like a great event. Glad to see they made sure there was an even ratio. A lot of speed dating events have more women then men present. Hopefully I’ll be able to attend the event if they have it again!

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