“Wisdom Wednesdays”: Refuse To Give Up.

Rest in peace, Talia.

Happy Wednesday!

So I’ll start out today’s post with a little story.

A friend and I were out a few days ago on U Street and as we were having a pretty insightful conversation, a gentleman abruptly interrupted. We could tell that a.) he had had one too many and was way too close for comfort; and b.) he was intently ear-hustling waiting for an opportunity to drop his two-cents into the conversation. He asked the typical questions: where are you from, what to do you, where did you go to school, ect. Being the polite ‘southern belles’ we were, we briefly entertained the conversation. In speaking to our occupations, I mentioned that I had graduated from Howard Law (false, I know but roll with me) with aspirations of becoming a Supreme Court Justice in the future. At that moment, he effortlessly says:

“That sounds great, but do you honestly think that’s realistic?”

Uh — excuse me sir?

Being the strong-willed person that I am, I responded with the utmost certainty that yes, it is absolutely realistic without being too rude. Thankfully, we were saved by the brief rain shower before I could respond any further — because I had a feeling that conversation was over before it started. I say all of this to say that throughout our lives, we are going to encounter nay-sayers and Negative Neds that may not believe in the awesomeness that we see in ourselves. Additionally, we will sometimes face those pivotal moments within ourselves where we don’t believe that we can make it — but we can’t give up.

Yesterday, I was the epitome of a sour patch kid. My morning was not going right and I was just in this funk that I couldn’t seem to shake. As upbeat and lighthearted as my friends were via Facebook and Google chat, my response were inundated with short sentences, rattling off my impatience with the job hunt process and just overall annoyance. I wasn’t in the mood to speak to anyone, so I remained as focused as I could on my work while listening to my new favorite song by The Walls Group. After I completed with my tasks for the day, I decided to walk home (I had missed the bus) to calm myself down. Silencing my phone to reduce distractions, when I finally reached my destination, I saw that I had several unopened emails and a voicemail from number that had become familiar to me over the last few months. Just when I was about to throw in the towel two weeks shy of the end of my AmeriCorps year of service, I received the news I’ve waiting weeks for: I had been offered a job! (\o/) As I huge smile crept over my face, I breathed a sigh of relief and couldn’t be more thankful.

You tell ’em, Bey.

This process has definitely been one of the most tedious and strenuous that I’ve experienced since graduating from college. But I’m so eternally grateful to the many people that have helped me along the way; the ones that continued to pray for and encourage me that I was going to be placed in the position that best fit my qualifications– but not on my watch. And as I look back at the many inspirational Instagram photos and tweets that I’ve posted recently,  I can’t help but think that was God’s way of revealing Himself to me and reassuring me that His timing is always perfect. As tough as it is, we must continue encourage ourselves and stand on God’s promises even when we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Trust — your faith will be tested, but never (and I mean NEVER) give up  on a dream or goal that you have set for yourself. Continue to speak things into existence, have faith and trust that God will ALWAYS do exceedingly and abundantly above ALL that we could ever ask for.

To new beginnings, and the expectation that God will continue to do great things,


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