Young Adult Chronicles: Half Birthday Wishes + The Road To 25

It’s my half birthday y’all!

Now I’m sure you’re wondering: “Who in the heck celebrates their half birthday, and how do you know when it is?” Well friend, if you count six months away from your actual birthday (ex. January 18th) you get your half birthday (today, July 18th!) To  me, half birthdays are just as important as full birthdays, and as a winter baby I am geeked to say that I can celebrate a birthday in the summer. But this isn’t just any half birthday– it’s the moment when I take the time to seriously reflect on my life because I’m six months away from turning the BIG 2-5. My family jokingly continues to remind me that I’m getting older, but it doesn’t phase me one bit. Just thinking about reaching that milestone is a blessing, (it’s also a sign that I’ll soon be five years from 30) but nevertheless, I’m excited! As I continue to come into my own as a young woman, of course there are many dreams and aspirations that I hope to achieve — but more importantly I want to make sure that I am holding myself accountable for making sure those come true. Additionally, I’m becoming more mindful of the company I keep, my health and wellness and the positive mark I want to make on this world.

For some, turning 25 signifies that they’ve only got a limited time to get crazy, make childish mistakes and inevitably GROW UP. But for me, I look at this future milestone as a way to improve upon the person that I am becoming. Sure, I’ll make plenty of mistakes in Year 25, but hopefully they’ll be mistakes that I have yet to learn from, and not ones that I’ve already experienced. I’m excited to challenge myself more in all areas of my life, make new memories and become more awesome.

As the countdown to #CeeDay25 begins, I want to document my thoughts and feelings towards reaching this lovely milestone, and ways in which I can make Year 25 the sweetest. From monthly challenges to new experiences, who knows what crazy things will take place the next six months — but I hopeful that it will be an exciting adventure.

So pop the champagne, and throw some glitter and confetti — Year 25 here I come!


P.S. — Happy birthday to the many amazing July 18th babies, too! 🙂

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