“It’s LeBron James, Leave a Message.” – Nike Basketball Marketing Wins Again

Happy Friday!

So I’ll make this brief. First and foremost, congratulations to the Miami Heat on winning back-to-back NBA Championships! While I wasn’t too focused on this series, from the games I did see, it was very entertaining. When it comes to the world of sports marketing, it’s always a treat for me to see how brands promote their spokesmen and women, especially after winning big tournaments. As you’ll see in the video above, Nike Basketball has created a very creative campaign where people can call LeBron James and send their congratulatory wishes. From Coach Mike Krzyzewski to Drake to NBA great Bill Russell, LeBron’s inbox is full of great messages thus far — and I’m sure this is just the beginning of the many he will be receiving over the next few days. And this isn’t the only commercial that LeBron has successfully rolled out today: Beats by Dre has recently tapped him to endorse their sweet new Powerbeats. Peep the commercial below:

There’s no doubt that LeBron James has attained a great deal of sponsorship during his NBA career. While I may not be his biggest fan, I do respect the man’s hustle when it comes to business and endorsements. And now that he’s got back-to-back MVP and NBA titles, the sky is the limit.

With basketball season finished, I’m excited to see what campaigns will roll out with football season just months away.

Enjoy your weekend ladies and gents!


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