“Wisdom Wednesdays”: Getting Past Your Past

“Brothers, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead.” (Philippians 3:13, NIV)

Have you ever read a passage or listened to a song that really resonated with you? So much so that it shakes you up, providing feeling of conviction that allows you to personally reflect and take a walk back down memory lane? Well friends, gather ’round and join me for another installment of ‘Wisdom Wednesdays’.

Each morning, I receive emails from the devotional blog “Girlfriends in God”, and while some mornings I just sleepily breeze past them in my inbox, this morning’s post, “How To Get Past Your Past” started out with one of my favorite verses that I couldn’t resist reading (listed in the photo caption above). The author begins by sharing an anecdote about her daughter, but then moves into talking about how our past shouldn’t dictate the way we live today. She then drops this pearl of wisdom that made me pause for a second:

If we want victory today and hope for tomorrow, we must learn how to deal with our past, because it is unchangeable. While we cannot go back and change our past, we can change our response to our past.


This quote got me to thinking about certain situations (and relationships) of my past that I believe I’ve dealt with as of late, but in reality there still may be residue of harbored feelings. And while it’s said that “yesterday is history and tomorrow’s a mystery“, I think that sometimes in order to know that you’ve conquered that mountain or molehill, you must address and accept what has happened in order to move on. Let me explain.

The thing I love most about life is the lessons that it teaches us. Day in and day out, we may make mistakes on the job, in our finances and even in some of our closest friendships–but they can (and will always) serve as benchmarks  from which we can learn. I’ve written quite a few posts about letting go, enjoying life’s process and trusting your struggle, all of which relate to dealing with past experiences. But when it comes to getting past your past, that takes digging a little bit deeper and humbling yourself in order to really value the change that you wish to achieve. I’ve learned that it takes unfiltered honesty, forgiving yourself and any of the parties involved, as well holding yourself accountable (but not blaming yourself) for what has happened. Not everything that life throws our way may be easy to overcome, but it is completely possible to do so. It’s going to take time, patience and maybe a few uncomfortable conversations –but once that weight is lifted, your heart will thank you.

We should never think of our past as a burden or restriction, but ultimately a tool that we can use to make for a better days ahead. And while we can change things that have transpired, it’s never too late to apologize (sorry OneRepublic) and be willing to press on toward the life in which we want to live. Today, let’s challenge ourselves to take steps to getting past our past. I believe that we are all capable of getting down to the heart of the matter, and taking the necessary steps in order to become stronger, happier and caring individuals.  Let’s not be afraid to release the things that may be holding us back from achieving the greatness that we have yet to witness.

Have a great day!


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