“Watch The Throne”: 3 Reasons Why Jay-Z is Winning Right Now




Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Okay, so we all know that Jay-Z STAYS winning, but this man is really living up to the phrase “Legend of The Summer.” Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Mr. Carter just continues to become a greater businessman as the days go by. From his new partnerships with major athletes to already selling 1 million albums without releasing any new music, here are a few reason why our eyes are still glued to The Throne:

Jay-Z signing Robinson Cano to his agency, Roc Nation Sports

1. He started RocNation Sports and signed three very talented athletes, effortlessly. When tweets began to appear on my Twitter feed that Jay-Z just started his own sports agency, I wasn’t surprised at all. Skylar Diggins, Robinson Cano and Geno Smith are the first three athletes to be represented by the mogul’s newest venture, with hints that Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant may become the fourth. We should’ve have known this was coming with his acquisition (and then quick release) of the Brooklyn Nets franchise.  And while Shawn may not have studied sports management in the school of hard knocks, we know that he’s always been quite the trendsetter for the New York Yankees.

2. His new album has already sold a million copies and it’s not even out yet. During Game 5 of the NBA Finals Sunday night, Jigga announced in a 3-minute commercial a few things: one, that he has teamed up with Samsung to allow Galaxy smartphone users to hear the album 72 hours before it drops; two, that his new album titled “Magna Carta Holy Grail” will be released on Independence Day; and three, the musical genius of Timbaland, Swizz Beats, Pharrell, Rick Rubin and (possibly) Kanye West will be featured on the album. So let’s just sit and absorb that information for just a second…you good? Okay. So this man not only gave us a sneak peak of what we can expect musically in the next few weeks (and told us that there are new rules) , but the flawless marketing efforts made by both Samsung and RocNation have just blown minds. One of my friends tweeted that Jay should teach a class on entrepreneurship, and I completely agree because his brand continues to expand and become even more innovative. And like he has said he’s not a businessman– but a business, man! We hear you Hov, we hear you.

They’re totally besties though.

3. He’s touring with some of the biggest names in music all summer long. From headlining the Wireless Festival in London and Legends of The Summer Tour with Justin Timberlake, to throwing his 2nd annual Made In America music festival in Philly during Labor Day weekend, Jay-Z has got the summer on lock. And now that we know we can expect new music, it’s just going to be make going to these events even more awesome (I’m totally geeked up, by the way.) Most people believe that artists make the most money by touring, but the mind-blowing thing about Jay-Z is that he doesn’t have to do it! Remember, he JUST toured with the Brother Kanye back in 2012, so he could easily kick it in his Brooklyn penthouse apartment or cool it with his daughter at his wife’s concerts this summer. But because he clearly loves performing and getting in touch with his fans, he’s going to bless the stage all summer and keep us wanting more.

At age 43, this multi-millionaire shows no signs of slowing down the growth of his lucrative empire. His entrepreneurial genius and marketing tactics are simply amazing, and even with his name sprinkled across a number of different industries, he still finds time to give back through his self-titled scholarship foundation. As someone I truly admire professionally, I’m anticipating the day when I can sit across from him and ask, “So now that you’ve conquered all of this, what’s next Mr. Carter?”






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