“Millennial on a Mission”: Dominique Broadway

Happy Friday!

I hope that you all have had an amazing week. The tenth installment of “Millennial on a Mission” features a young lady whose career is literally all about the benjamins. I had the pleasure of meeting her during the HERstory Celebration Brunch celebrating Women’s History Month in March, and we’ve stayed in touch ever since. Her passion for financial literacy and professional experience have catapulted her into a creative space where she is sharing her expertise with clients of all backgrounds, but most importantly millennials. I really admire her go-getter spirit and dedicated focus on empowering young professionals to become more financially savvy.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Dominique Broadway.


A true DMVer (DC, Maryland, and Virginia), Dominique has lived in the DC Metro area for all of her life.  Born in Washington D.C., she has lived  in various parts of Maryland and currently resides in North Bethesda, MD. She attended Bowie State University, where she obtained her Bachelor’s of Business Administration with a concentration in Banking in Finance and completed her Master’s of Science in Financial Management at University of Maryland University College. When she originally began her career in the financial services industry, she interned in New York for a while and turned her internship into a full-time position in Maryland with UBS Financial Services.  “The opportunity was great,” she said.  “However, I suddenly realized that the financial planning services were only offered to individuals with a certain net worth.”

On what inspired her to focus her career in financial literacy: 

Most of the clients we worked (at USB Financial Services) with had $10 million plus in investments.  I also noticed that most Financial Planners or Advisors would not even sit down with a potential client if they did not have a specific amount of money to invest (usually at least $100k, some required $500k).  This really bothered me, because I didn’t get into this career to help the ultra wealthy. My true passion is to help educate individuals on money basics and helping individuals to reach their financial and life goals.  The average American is living check-to-check and needs help with paying down debt and saving and that’s who I wanted to help, so I just decided to do it on my own! I think millennials should be paying more attention to their financial situations, a lot of millennials don’t put much focus on their financial goals and preparing for the future.  By taking the time now to stay on top of your credit, begin paying down debt, saving and breaking any frivolous spending habits you can really prepare yourself for a stress-free financial life now and in the future.

While most 20-somethings know that financial competency should be a high priority on their life to-do  list, a lot of them don’t know where to start. Once the glamour of college graduation fades, the reality of student loans, high interest rates and credit card debt begins to settle in. But Dominique has made  it her personal mission to make the conversation about money less scary for young professionals.


On debunking financial myths and balancing her career and personal brand: 

About 7 months ago, I launched Finances De•mys•ti•fied which is a series of events (happy hours, brunches, gatherings) to help provoke the conversation of money.  During these events we combine personal finance and cocktails, such as the Student Loan Debt Killer Martini (my fave),  in hopes to remove the stigma surrounding money and make money more of a social experience.  I also work with young professionals and entrepreneurs individually to help demystify personal finance and help them bring their Dreams2Reality! Managing my career, personal brand and website all go hand and hand.  Being that I am an entrepreneur, all of these things are my job!  I work non-stop to keep everything going and the best thing about it all, is that none of this feels like work!

To Dominique, a millennial on a mission is a young professional that is determined to reach their life goals and to make a positive impact within their communities at the same time. Her advice for young entrepreneurs:  “Take action on your dreams, goals or any ideas that you have and to do whatever you can to bring your Dreams2Reality.  Trust me, it’s the best feeling in the world!”


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