“Millennial on a Mission” – Jeff Tribble

Happy Friday!

It’s been a while since the last installment of “Millennials on a Mission”, but sometimes it’s good to have a break every now and then 🙂

Today’s ‘Millennial on a Mission” is quite the trailblazer that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for while, and I truly admire his drive and charisma in regard to sharing his passion for music with the world. Whether he is here in The District working with students on perfecting their musical technique or traveling abroad to learn from his peers in the world of non-profit, he remains dedicated to changing lives with music.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to Jeff Tribble.


Born and raised on south side of Chicago, Illinois, where he says, “the children with better-than-average opportunities can still fall victim to the welcoming vortex of gangs, drugs, and violence,” Jeff believes he was able to emerge from that environment by being involved with music. A 2008 graduate of Howard University, Jeff attended George Washington University and received his Juris Doctor in 2011. “I credit my college experience with being the best four consecutive years of my life,” he says. “I think I finally began to embrace the true value of intelligence and it forced me to focus and work harder than I ever had.” A legal communications major that spent most of his time practicing and performing as the section leader of the drum line, Jeff didn’t know it then but he was setting the stage for two passions that would soon act in concert.

Currently, Jeff is the Executive Director of The MusicianShip,  a non-profit organization that facilitates music lessons, experiences and opportunities for young people in Washington, D.C. The organization focuses on educating at-risk youth on the power that music holds and how they can truly benefit from music scholarship and mentoring. “My juggling act in college taught me how to budget my time and how to achieve on traditional and non-traditional paths concurrently.”

On the inception of The MusicianShip

The Musicianship was created in effort to provide a haven for students who are similarly situated. We want to expose music as a tool to achieve in other areas of life. Our programs are multi-dimensional, not only focusing on music, but also on life skills and educational outcomes. This summer we will engage approximately 80 students in our summer band camp, where students can learn and perform music. We will also have panels on college scholarships and fiscal responsibility. Music education is obviously important to us, but it’s primarily our hook to engage students in other ways that make them productive citizens.


Jeff’s work with The MusicianShip is truly a testament to this life-long love and appreciation for music. In this day and age, it is a millennial’s goal to find a way to marry their personal and professional ambitions. Not only is Jeff striving daily to achieve his own personal goal, but he wants to ensure that young musicians know that the goal is indeed attainable.

On the fusion of his passion and career :

I actually did envision my professional goals involving music after law school. I always thought I wanted to be an entertainment lawyer, because I knew I wanted to be rooted in a vocation that tremendously impacted my life – music. Music got me a college scholarship. Music got me my current job. Music has given me opportunities to travel around the world. The MusicianShip instills the passion for and ability to create music. Our end goal, however, is not to create extraordinary musicians. Rather, we want to create successful people who, despite their circumstances, can achieve in life. I may explore entertainment law in the distant future, but we started The MusicianShip in my second year of law school and I knew that I had found my passion. I’m still rooted in music and I’m still a social engineer.

While all millennials are ultimately trying to balance being a responsible role model for young people and enjoy their own youth, Jeff believes that being a “Millennial on a Mission” is a choice. “It is a choice to advance ideals, tools, and solutions that meet the challenges of those in need.” For those young philanthropists, Jeff offers this piece of advice: “consistently work hard, have faith, and to not grow weary in good doing.”

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