What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid?

Be bold. Take risks. Don’t hold back. 

More and more, I have seen these ideals expressed in the media, especially for young women. From Sheryl Sandberg’s new book ‘Lean In’ to the awe-inspiring inception of Levo League to Jay-Z starting his own sports agency, it’s been so encouraging to see both  women and men living their dreams unapologetically.

So why can’t I do the same? What in the world is holding be back from being great? And more importantly, what am I so afraid of? 

I’ve always considered writing an important growth tool, one that allows me to not only reflect, but share a piece of who I am with anyone that may care to listen. While I don’t necessarily strive to be one that knows it all (because trust me, I don’t) I am always humbled  when my words can inspire, comfort or encourage others. I’m currently at a pivotal moment in my life (both personally and professionally) and the more I continue to sit in this space, the harder, smarter and faster I want to work in order to get to where I want to be. However, we all know that there are processes in life — some that require us to be at a certain stage longer than others — but nonetheless, ones that can challenge you to think beyond the moment of right now.

As I was riding the Metro home this afternoon, I begin to ask myself: “Chasity, what would you absolutely do if you weren’t afraid? If there were no restrictions?” I began to make a list of things in my head — from creating dance videos to traveling internationally, to starting a new blog, to  potentially moving to different state. The longer the list grew the more excited I became, and then it dawned on me: I am the only one holding myself back from actually doing these things.

At that moment, part of me became slightly disappointed in myself for being in my own way. By psyching myself out, letting others’ accomplishments or achievements discourage me when they should empower me and blaming external things on my lack of mobility, I’ve not only wasted hella time but mad energy too! And don’t get me wrong — I am SO PROUD of each of you that have and continue to accomplish great things. I say it often, but your tenacity and drive motivate me to want to do better. I can’t compare my own journey to someone else’s. Where I am is NOT who I am, and it’s time out for making excuses. I know that I’m probably not as far off as I make it seem, but I pen this entry to hopefully illustrate that it takes self-reflection and a little constructive criticism in order to realize where you must make improvement. Becoming great just doesn’t happen immediately — it takes practice, patience, a few mistakes along the way, and a host of teachable moments. No one said it would be easy, but it will all be worth it.  And despite certain challenges I have faced over the last eight months,  I am so grateful, thankful and blessed for this milestone of clarity.

I leave you with this challenge: make a list of everything that you are afraid of at this very moment. Then ask yourself, “what can I do to combat my fear of things? How can I turn these dreams into reality?” Review this list daily and take inventory of the ways in which you are moving closer and closer to reaching and surpassing these goals. Create a mantra, your favorite quote or pick a theme song that will give you that little bit of ‘umph’ you need to keep pushing forward.

With faith, persistence, prayer and hard work, together we will soon move closer to our dreams and be more fearless than ever.

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